My First Video

I know it’s kind of late to make an “introduction” video, seeing as how I already kind of introduced myself.
I do almost everything late, it’s just something about me that people will have to get used to!
My facebook friends are very supportive and encourage me to continue making videos,
so it will definitely become one of my new hobbies. Why not?!
I have ALL the time in the world, minus my 3 hours of school 4 nights a week,
and I’m sure once I have this baby she/he will consume most of my time.
But until then, I’m going to have fun with this new hobby of mine. (:


My First Vegetable Plant!


Although procrastination seems to get the best of me, I have finally made the time to plant my very first vegetable: garlic! I have been reading about garlic and studying how to grow it, so now that I have started my own garlic plants, my mother and I will expect some delicious alliums by spring of next year. I am so proud of myself for doing this because I have never planted anything in my entire life, so I am very much looking forward to see how they turn out.

Sometime tonight, I’m going to create some kind of agenda for my plants: to see how much they are going to grow, what grows best where, how long it takes to grow, and learn better ways of growing it next time. I’ve planted five cloves in my backyard and four in my front yard (there were only 9 cloves in the bulb), and I’m going to record the progress so that I can make my own notations about how they grow. I learned that 1 clove alone can create an entire bulb that produces up to 20 cloves, therefore are self-sustaining. So in addition to having all natural seasonings for our food, we never have to buy garlic again!
My mom loves that the most because it saves her money! (;

It takes approximately a year, more or less, to successfully grow garlic and you can’t grow it in the same place that you grew it last year, according to the readings of experienced gardeners. You are supposed to “rotate your crops”, which doesn’t make that much sense to me yet, but I am going to look into it.

In the mere future, I’m also going to plant a orange tree and cilantro, because my mother and I use cilantro in almost everything we cook and the oranges will give us free orange juice for the rest of our lives. I love the sound of that! As you can see, I have big plans to be outside growing food. There are many benefits to doing this: it gives me something to do every day (watch, maintain and feed the plants), It is self-sufficient, we don’t have to depend on grocery stores for food because we will grow our own, and if I decide to extend the garden, I can grow enough food to sell to the entire neighborhood! I might be getting a little carried away, I just want to be able to eat good natural food for free, lol. Also, I don’t want to start more than I can care for because I am a beginner and this is not the only project that will be consuming my time. So I want to make sure that I can give as much attention to my plants as I need/can.

I will let everybody know about the progress of my newly planted vegetables and post pictures of the growth.
I’m way to excited about this!

Pregnancy Post – 19 Weeks

Laura Pregnant

October 1, 2012 – I am 16 weeks pregnant in this photo, as I am starting not to fit in any of my cute clothes!

Today, I am 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant. My, how time has passed so quickly! It seems like Jacob and I just saw the positive pregnancy test yesterday.

Fortunately for me, I have not had the discomfort of experiencing heartburn, constipation, leg cramps, or any of those nasty pregnant side effects that affect most pregnant women. However, morning sickness has become my worst enemy. I read/was told that morning sickness lightens up at around 12-14 weeks, and mine did, but it still hits me 1-2 times a week. Is this normal? I heard that some ladies have morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. Hopefully that won’t be my case. I dealt morning sickness (some mild, some severe) my entire first trimester, and I am STILL getting it 1-2 times a week. Maybe this means I will have a boy, as some superstitions would confirm. I won’t get to find out what it is until week 20. But babydaddy and I are “dying” to find out!

I have been so anxious about being pregnant ever since we found out on July 17th. Although I am fairly young (19) to have a baby and have not a clue how all of this is going to affect my future, I know that I have been happy ever since I found out about this new love of my life that is not even here yet. My emotions have rollercoastered throughout my first trimester, as I thought about all financial capabilities I would have to raise a child and if I was going to be a good mother. But as time goes by every day and as baby and my belly grow bigger and bigger, I know in my heart that everything will be taken care of for I am going to dedicate my whole heart and life to our unborn child.

About a week and a half ago, I think I felt my first flutter of fetal movement! I was not quite sure about it, as it was an unfamiliar feeling. It felt like a sort of “wave” swish in my stomach, very light and barely noticeable, but noticeable none-the-less. It was one of the most emotional feelings ever in my life, as I felt so connected with the little peanut growing inside of me.

Everyday (since last week), I do a 30-minute prenatal yoga routine to help keep me in shape throughout my pregnancy, to help keep me stress-free, and to help connect me with my baby on a daily basis. I take 5-10 minutes a day to think about the baby; what it will look like, what it is going to be, what names come to mind if it was a girl or boy, how I’m going to mother and raise this child, and all other kinds of things. I love taking time to imagine what the future will be like once I bring this little miracle into the world. I can feel my motherly-instincts kick in as I get closer and closer to the due date (if you haven’t noticed).

I am so much looking forward to shopping and decorating the nursery and planning the baby shower. I am staying at home while I’m pregnant, keeping me and baby healthy and happy. I do all kinds of productive things every day that will only benefit mine and my family’s future. I take pictures every other day in preparation to make my baby belly flip book-an album of nothing but belly growing progress pictures for future memories as I plan to pass it down to my son/daughter when they grow up.

I will continue posting pictures and updating everybody who cares about my pregnancy progress! I look forward to writing about somebody I love that’s not even here yet. ❤

Most Recent Pregnancy Photo
October 19, 2012
18 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant

Back To School!

I am not currently graduated yet, but I sure will be!  This past Monday, I went to Columbia High School to enroll as a part-time student. Initially, I was going there to get my GED. Little did I know, they had an available class for me to attend 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week. So by Christmas time this year, I will have an official High School Diploma! I may be a year behind schedule, but at least I finished!

Today I am exactly 17 weeks pregnant and it was my second night of class. I actually worked on a couple assignments before I went to class today to make up for what I didn’t do yesterday. I’m enrolled in only 3 classes temporarily because the school has not received my updated transcript. However, once they do get my transcript, I will only need to complete 2.5 credits in order to be graduated. Even if I have taken a class before, I am totally fine with having to take it over again. I have a passion for learning and would like to take advantage of the opportunity that I have to learn this information now, while I still can. I bring my notebooks, pens and calculator with me so I can take good notes, which will only help me. I can conveniently refer back to my notes during final exams. Additionally, I can use my notes to teach my child the same things I learned in the future, because I plan to home-school him/her. (I still don’t know what I’m having!) I am so motivated to get this diploma it’s not even funny, and I am determined to get it.

I feel so proud of myself for not giving up. I have dreams of being a cosmetologist doing hair and make-up for celebrities, and creating graphic designs for professionals, and writing and drawing. Most girls my age who are pregnant/have kids already, seem to give up on themselves and their lives just because they had/are going to have children.I have taken the position that this is not the end of my life just because I am about to have a kid. In fact, this motivates me even MORE to do the things that I need/want to do for myself and my future. I would love to inspire more women my age to do the same thing, take back control of their life and do whatever it is that they love so that they can be happy and make their children happy.

I’m going to be super busy getting my academics in order. As for my blogging, I am definitely going to make time to share my experiences and my thoughts about everything. I also plan on making a couple video’s so that I can be better acquainted with my “audience”. (:

Laura Pregnant.

16 weeks and 5 days pregnant – Photo taken on Oct. 9, 2012.

My Very First Blog! (:

You could call me a “newb” at this whole blog thing. Actually, I researched what a blog was and how to make one before I did this, lol. I can’t wait to start sharing my ideas and opinions about different things with people. This is extremely exciting for me also because I want to share my interests, talents, and goals for my future. But more than anything, I’m looking forward to viewers feedback! I want to people to know what I think, and I want to know what people think about it!

I think I’m going to LOVE thisssssss! ❤ (:

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