Pregnancy Post #2 – 21 Weeks

So there are many exciting events that have happened since the last time I’ve blogged! I really need to discipline myself to develop a routine for this whole “blogging” thing.

  • Tuesday, 10/30/12 – I definitely felt the baby moving inside me on this afternoon. There was some strange activity going on in my stomach, so I curiously put my hands there. Next thing you know, BOOM! I feel the baby kick or punch right where I put my right hand. It was so incredible, it sent love throughout my entire being. I ran to my mom’s room to tell her about it I was so excited! She was so happy to hear that I felt the baby move for the first time. She told me that she remembered when she was pregnant and felt me kick her for the first time. It was such a special moment, one I’ll remember forever. ❤
  • Wednesday, 10/31/12 – Happy Halloween! My plans for this evening consisted of watching scary movies, eating pumpkin pie with my mother and enjoying the beautiful weather. I didn’t really feel the need to do anything this Halloween because one, I’m pregnant; two, I’m broke; and three, I’m all the way in Lake City, Florida, the middle of almost no where (although I like that aspect about this place), and there’s no kids around here to trick-or-treat anyway! So this momma stayed home for this Holiday.This has to be my favorite time of year simply because I enjoy the cold much more than the hot (It’s easier to keep yourself warm than it is to keep yourself cool in my opinion), your make-up stays on your face, your hair stays perfectly straight and blows delightfully in the wind (this makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe), coffee tastes better when it’s cold outside, and it’s the time for wearing cute scarves and hats, big over-sized jackets and hoodies, and my favorite, boots. Boots, leggings, a coat, and a scarf is my ideal outfit (for someone who lives in Florida cold of course). This morning, I was awaken by those now familiar movements in my belly. What a joy to wake up to something like that. It put the biggest smile on my face! I felt like the baby was telling me “Good morning. Wake up mommy!” And then I told it “Good morning. You are an early bird aren’t you?!” lol. It was the cutest most memorable morning I ever had. The kicks and punches occurred often throughout the day and it just made me so happy. I absolutely love being a mom already, and I’m so in love with somebody that I haven’t met yet.
  • Thursday, 11/1/12 – Today was my 2nd ultrasound appointment. I made the appointment in Jacksonville so that Jacob could be there. We were beyond excited for this appointment and he had a bunch of things planned for me and him while I stayed with him for the weekend. The appointment was at 3:30 and ALL of our friends on Facebook has been waiting to find out what we are having. Although I wasn’t thinking too much about what I wanted it to be just so that I wouldn’t be disappointed, deep down from the very first day we found out I was pregnant, I, scratch that, We wanted/prayed/hoped for a baby girl.At the very end of the appointment, we finally find out what the gender is.
    Daddy teared up he was so happy! It was the sweetest thing I ever saw. We were holding hands both overfilled with joy and happiness. He was recording the ultrasound the whole time on my phone because we didn’t bring a DVD disk for the OB to record on, but we still got the video of the ultrasound.

    Ultrasound #2

  • We both posted our status’ on Facebook and by the end of the day, I felt like celebrity. My post had a total of 75 likes! I have never had that many people like anything of mine, EVER! I was happy to see that everybody was happy for us. I’m sure the status was so popular partially because everyone I know has had/is going to have a boy. So for my friends to see that I’m having a girl was very exciting for them all. Especially because I am the biggest girly girl in the whole world, so it was ideal for me to have a girl!
  • Friday, 11/2/12 – Last night, Jacob took me out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant: Ole. Today, he bought me lunch and a Starbucks frappe, and then we went walking at the Town Center to shop for the baby’s first out when she comes home. It took us till the very last store we walked in to find the perfect outfit, but luckily we found it. It was a $16 four-piece set from the Carter’s baby store. It came with a teddy bear hat, a short-sleeve onesie, a long-sleeve onesie with footies, and pink leggings with teddy bear footies. It was the perfect buy because we could choose which outfit depending on the weather. The due-date is in late March so we don’t know if it’s still going to be cold or not, so we got both just in case.
  • Monday, 11/5/12 – I came back home to Lake City last night, and this morning, I woke up relatively early and decided to go outside and check on the garlic I grew last week. I was surprised to see that a few of them had already sprouted out of the ground! I was so happy that my plants were growing, so I ran to get the watering can and filled it up so I could water the garlic since I had been gone all weekend. I only water them .5 in. of water twice a week (if it doesn’t rain) because I read about how often to water your garlic. I started making my personal “weekly garlic growing log” to track how good or bad my garlic grows so I can experiment to figure out what’s the best way to grow, what not to do next time, etc. Then, I recreated it in Microsoft Excel so that it was neater or legible. I don’t want to make mistakes and have to cross things out and I don’t like to write in pencil.The tallest garlic stem grew to 3.25 in. in a week! So I can not wait to see the progress of my plants and I’m going to start taking pictures of the growth to add to my log.So that’s about everything that happened in the last week that is worth writing about since the last time I blogged. I plan to blog about my new hobby: nail art. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of different girls painting their nails the way the professionals do in the salon, only at your house. Also Ive already starting buying the tools I need for the nail art so once I start using them, I’ll blog about it. I also want to add make-up to this nail art blog since it all has to do with beauty. I bought a bunch of new eyeshadow palettes that I want to try out and take pictures of to show everybody (Eventually I want to have enough pictures to build my portfolio for cosmetic school). Shoot, I might even have make a tutorial video for this one. So there are a bunch of plans for the next week. Soon I’m also going to start making my own bows and hair accessories for myself and my daughter! This will probably be my favorite project! (:

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