Pregnancy Post #3 – 21 Weeks & 4 Days

  • So I finally created my baby registry! I downloaded this pregnancy tracker application on my phone and it’s the neatest thing. It tells me all kinds of useful information about my baby week by week, it includes pictures and videos, and it has a check list of things for me to do to get ready for the baby as my pregnancy progresses. This week it told me to create a baby registry, so I did. I found the PERFECT website for it too, You can make a baby registry which includes a universal registry so that you can add items from other websites. It’s absolutely perfect, because then I don’t have to stick with items from just “one” store.
  • We also picked the perfect name, although it’s subject to change at anytime until she’s born: Natalia Chalreo Vila. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed that my daughter would be named Natalie because for whatever strange reason, it has just always been my favorite name. Jacob tells me the more he says it, the more he loves it. Since baby girl is going to be 1/8 Cuban and 1/4 Brazilian, I suggested we pick a name that can be pronounced in all countries. I also wanted something that would confirm her nationality, since she will be born a Brazilian citizen thanks to me. My mother and I are going to take a trip to Miami sometime after the baby is born so we can all get our Brazilian passports renewed and also register the baby for one.
  • I have an upcoming appointment this Thursday that Jacob and I are looking forward to. We look forward to all the appointments actually! We plan on going baby shopping and a little early Christmas shopping. He’ll probably throw in a couple surprises in their too; he always does. I am very excited for this weekend!
  • I am almost halfway through with completing my credits needed to graduate high school. I know, I know: I’m still in high school. Unfortunately I dropped out right before I graduated. But I am going to take advantage of all this free time and finish it so that I can go straight to college after this baby is born. My goal is to get my diploma before my birthday on January 27, and according to my progress, it looks like I’m going to meet that goal (as long as I keep up my work). I have about 2.5 credits to finish and then I will finally be able to get my diploma! I feel very fortunate that I ca still get my diploma even though I’m almost 20 years old, and I feel like I have not given up on my dreams, which makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, and I love that feeling. (:
  • As for my garlic plants, a couple of them are not doing so well. I think I’m going to give it about a week and if I don’t see any improvement, I’m just going to yank them out and just focus on the ones that are growing. My mother bought gravel to throw on the ground in the front yard and had her boyfriend spread it for her. However, he spread it over four of my plants..of which three out of four were doing very good. I was a little upset, but not too much because I still have some in the backyard. But this kind of ruined my experiment because I was trying to figure out where the plants grew better. It’s okay though because I can always try again in the spring, which is exactly what I plan on doing.
  • I want to make a video sometime this week regarding my make-up obsession. I would LOVE the opportunity to show girls how to do their make-up because all my friends tell me how good mine looks on a daily basis and ask me to do theirs for them all the time. I want to introduce my talents to the world because I plan on taking them further and possibly making a career out of it. Not for the money, okay a little bit for the money, but mostly for the love of it. I will definitely blog about it and post the video for everybody to see.

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