Pregnancy Post #4 – 23 Weeks

Today marks my 23rd week and 2 days of being pregnant and boy do I have LOTS to talk about:

I can finally see the baby moving inside of me! Every time I feel her moving inside of me I look down and can see those little hands and feet pushing against my abdomen. It is so adorably sweet and leaves me feeling all fluttery inside. She is very active in the mornings before I even wake up, and at night when I’m getting ready to go to sleep (how convenient for me!). I guess this is her way of preparing me for when she gets here, waking up extra early and staying up extra late. Oh goody! Even though it will probably wear me out, I KNOW I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Below is a link to my video where you can see the baby’s heart beating through my belly. It’s miraculous to watch!

Click Here To Watch Baby’s Heart Beat!

At our last appointment, everything went perfectly well. I weighed in at 136 lbs. (26+ since pre-pregnancy weight) with a BP of 110/60, which the nurse told me was very good. I have really good blood pressure every time I check in with the doctor, which is great news for me! The baby’s heart beat ranged around 150’s and everything sounded perfectly healthy. Nothing makes me happier than receiving good news about our baby’s health! Also, the nurse gave me this orange flavored drink that I have to drink about an hour before I come to my appointment to test for sugar glucose levels or something like that, I can’t remember. So that is what I have to look for at my next appointment.

I’m only halfway through my pregnancy and I already have half of everything baby girl will need. This reassures me that she will have EVERYTHING she needs and some. Her playpen and my baby sling just arrived in the mail a few days ago and I’m expecting the stroller, car seat, bed spread set, and room accessories next. I’m looking forward to seeing that bed set because once I know the exact color of it, I’m going to run to the store to get the paint and wall decor! I’m so excited about it because this is going to be my next BIG project: setting up the nursery. Shoot, by the time I have my baby shower, all I’m going to need is diapers and clothes!

I’ve made a baby financial planner to give myself an idea of how much money I can expect to spend on a monthly basis for baby girl. It should be roughly between $200-300 a month depending on whether I buy extra clothes and toys or not. I’ve made my baby registry on that has a universal registry, which means I can add anything from any other website to it. I have way too many cute outfits on there already!

Click Here to View Laura’s Baby Registry!

My attempt to stay consistent with my belly picture taking is going well. At the end of the pregnancy I will have to pictures I need to  make a belly flip book. The only thing is that since I took pictures at different angles in different places, it will be sort of difficult to make a flip book. I have pictures of my growing belly from every week since we found out I was pregnant, so there WILL be some kind of belly book. Regardless how it will turn out, it’s going to be the most amazing book in the world. ❤

Today, my plan is to draw a box cover to decorate the baby’s box that is going to store all her keepsakes. This is in addition to the nursery project I will soon start. I have big plans coming up in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I’m going to continue doing my prenatal yoga that I do every other day and reading my books about pregnancy and how to manifest your desires (which I will blog about later).

People usually save the best for last, but I decided to do the opposite:

  • Yesterday morning, I was awaken by the most excruciating pain I have felt in a LONG time: a charlie-horse in my calf. It had me almost in tears it was so painful. It happened early morning while I was in bed, and it came about so unexpectedly. Probably from trying to get comfortable, and while moving into position, it strained my muscle. However it happened, believe that I’m going to research every possible way to prevent something like that from ever happening to me again!
  • Morning sickness is still affecting me. Not often, but roughly once or twice about every two weeks. It’s nothing compared to what I went through during my first trimester, thank God.
  • I can feel myself getting tired easily and I’ve been feeling like I am getting the energy sucked right out of me. In the pregnancy book that I’m reading, it informed me about this “lack of energy” and “tiredness” was coming from the need for twice as much iron in expectant women. It stated that “If your iron stores are low, your red blood cells aren’t getting enough iron to support your muscles and your baby. Many women experience this during the second trimester because their babies are growing rapidly and absorbing extra iron from their blood.” This information helps me not feel so bad about feeling so tired all the time! The good news about this is that I get to treat myself with extra beauty sleep. (:

That’s about it for negative part about my pregnancy; not too bad.

My mother is going to the store now to go pick up some items she ordered to be shipped to the store. I can’t wait for her to get back so I can see them! I’m going to take pictures and post them later on when I get further into decorating the nursery. As for me now, I’m going to do some yoga and read some of my book that I’m enjoying so much. Chow for now!

Me 1 Day Shy of 23 Weeks Pregnant.
I’m so excited about having a baby girl
so we can wear pink together. ❤

23 weeks down, 17 to go!

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” – Anne Frank

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.” – Brian Tracy

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