Pregnancy Post # 5 – 24 Weeks

I have a lot to express in this post. After contemplating whether or not to share this information, I finally decided to do so. I wasn’t going to publicize this because I’m not going to lie, I was a little embarrassed about it and didn’t want people to know. To a certain extent, I do still kind of care about what people think.

About a month ago, I had a doctor appointment that didn’t go very well at all. It was my second ultrasound that was going to determine the sex of the baby. Although the ultrasound was exciting, it ended up being very upsetting and dramatic. One of the nurses directed us to a room and we were told that the baby was not measuring at the size that it was supposed to. She said that it only measured 6 inches from head to rump and that would make it measure 18 weeks when I was 20 weeks. Not only did she inform us of this obviously very upsetting news, but she was extremely insensitive about it. I didn’t appreciate the way she delivered the information to us, especially being a first-time parent. So I come to this appointment thinking it’s going to be the greatest day ever because we finally get to find out what it is, and then you want to tell me there’s something wrong with my baby? Definitely NOT the news I was expecting to hear. It had me in tears at the end of her news because I go above and beyond to make sure I do everything right as far as being healthy during the pregnancy, and to hear something like that just wasn’t right. She felt bad after she made me cry and then sympathetically told me that she was going to send me to see a specialist to be cautious, just to make sure nothing was wrong.

This past Monday was when we had the specialist appointment. So we went, had an ultrasound, and it ended with a peace of mind. The Dr. told us that everything looked absolutely perfect, and that if the baby didn’t measure right then, it measures right now. She was actually surprised as to why they were concerned and sent me to the specialist. I was very glad to hear her say that because I thought the same thing. The nurse that told me the baby measured wrong said that the measurements were off by almost 2 weeks, but the information that I read from 3 different sources contradicted what she told me. Of course I had to look into it. Everything I read said that at 20 weeks the baby could measure anywhere between 6-7.5 in. and mine measured 6 inches exactly. Every woman is different, and I am very petite and so is babydaddy, so I didn’t like what that nurse had to say about the measurement, I didn’t like the way she came off when she delivered the information, additionally, I took defense to what she was implying and felt that she was questioning the way I was handling my pregnancy. I found her to be very rude and I did not have a good feeling about her whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever want to go there again. I understand that it was her job to tell me that kind of news, but she could have been a little nicer about it. I mean, this is my first baby. After this specialist appointment, I felt very confident in my feelings about how everything took place and somehow, I knew in my heart that this appointment was going to go great and that they were going to tell me everything was fine.

The rest of the baby stuff finally came in and I’m so excited about it. I now know what color the bedding and the room decorations are so I can go pick out the perfect color to paint the nursery. I plan to start the nursery project within the next two months because I’m already beginning my third trimester. To celebrate, I’m going to go get a nice hair cut, and I’m thinking bangs and layers are going to be the cut for me.

On another note, I’m almost graduated. I have 10 more assignments to finish to be half a credit of Art Appreciation completed and then I just need a half credit of Algebra 2 and Ill be done! I don’t expect it to take more than a month before I have that piece of paper hanging on my wall. Its going to make me that much closer to my goal of becoming a cosmetologist.


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