Pregnancy Post #6 – 25 Weeks

  • 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant as of today.
  • 14 weeks and 4 more days until baby Natalia is here!

    25 Weeks Pregnant

    25 Weeks Pregnant

Out of all the crazy emotions that I feel on a daily basis, anxious is definitely the most accurate. I constantly find myself day dreaming about all kinds of ideas for baby girl, what she’s going to look like, what she’s going to be like, how anxious I am to meet her, ideas about the nursery, crafts for me to do until she gets here, scrap-booking, all kinds of things of that nature engulf my mind. Every day I read a chapter of this amazing book called Ask and it is Given (I have a blog about it) and it is teaching me how to manifest my desires. In other words, how to get what I want. It is doing wonders for me! It’s like my daily verse of the Bible, THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS; seriously. So, as I learn new things from my readings I apply them to my life and that’s how I got/am going to get the things I want in life, for me and Natalia.

I just ordered 250 free business cards from that I created for my newest idea, babysitting services. Iwant to get my foot in the door of childcare before my baby even gets here, in addition to the extra money I need and want to make! (;
I definitely can not wait for those to come in the mail! I plan to hand them out locally so I can get some nearby clients. Also, I put ads for my service on Craigslist and Yellow Pages. I expect to get some phone calls about someone in need of a babysitter within the month. It will also be great for me to spend some of my time because I’m going to be graduated in less than a month and then I will have nothing to spend my time doing until the baby gets here; aside from my hobbies. Besides, being a new mom and everything I sure could use all the practice I can get!

Yesterday morning, I had an appointment at the local WIC office to take a breastfeeding class. It lasted about an hour or so and I learned so much information that I needed to know. The instructor was awesome; I thought she did a great job educating me and the other first-time mothers, so I left her a nice note on the survey I filled out (NOTE: her name was Laura too!). She gave each of us handouts and paper packets to reference if we needed any additional information, along with her contact info so we could call or email her if needed. Also, I had the opportunity to talk to other first time moms-to-be and found it very reassuring to talk with other moms going through the same things that I’m going through.

Within the next month, I’m going to put the stroller together (because it came in a bunch of separate pieces, lucky me), start looking into hospitals and birth centers nearby (although I think I prefer the birth center – less chaos), and beginning my babysitting service to make some extra money so I can buy things to start making crafts for baby Natalia. I’ll let you guys know how the plans turn out. (:


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