Prenatal Yoga


Since I became pregnant, I knew I had to get into some kind of exercise routine to keep me fit while I gained extra weight. What better kind of exercise to do than yoga?! It’s not vigorous, all you do is stretch a breath deep, you do lightweight exercise while at the same time you pump blood, relieve the tenseness in your muscles, and you get an effective work out. I don’t know what it is about yoga, but every time I do it I feel like a million bucks; like a brand new person. It is an amazing and indescribable feeling. It’s like I can’t even go more than two days without doing it anymore because my body begs me to work it out. It’s gotten so used to this positive energy feeling that it asks for it every day. I love it! It’s rejuvenating, relaxing, and it preps me for labor.

Yoga is spiritual and physical. Not only does it make me feel good, but it’s healthy for my soul and my body. There are many physical benefits for this type of exercise. “Yoga provides a safe and nurturing system of overall health for the pregnant woman and child,” says Eric Small, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor and director of the Beverly Hills Iyengar Studio in Beverly Hills, California. It relieves stress in all areas of the body, as well as helping reposition the growing fetus according to various yoga positions. It’s perfect for exiting all the negative emotions and tension in your heart and body and connects you with your spirit.

For me, yoga helps me to relax my mind, eases my sporadic body aches, get in tuned with my inner being, and it connects me with my baby. I feel like she can feel me performing the yoga and it relaxes her. I can just tell she loves when I do it. This exercise regimen is going to provide all the strength and emotional well being that I’m going to need when I get ready to have this baby girl. I’m very optimistic about my upcoming labor journey. I have a sense of confidence that my instincts are going to kick in right away, that I’m going to know exactly what I need to do. My mind, body, and spirit as well as the universe and it’s gravitational forces are going to help me to bring this baby into the world speedy and easily.

Here is the Prenatal Yoga Video on YouTube that I watch daily. It will change your life!



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