Pregnancy Post #7 – 27 Weeks

27 Weeks This Day 12/18/12

27 Weeks This Day 12/18/12

Another day in the life of a pregnant woman, growing a little more uncomfortable every day. Aside from the occasional morning sickness and lower back pain, everything else is pretty much great! I just went for an OB appointment a couple days ago. I’m going to a new Dr. now, one conveniently 15 minutes away from my place of residence in Lake City, FL. I like my new Dr. much better than the one I was seeing in Jacksonville, she’s great. We listened to the baby’s heartbeat and for some reason the baby did not seem to like the intrusion of that doppler all over her! Every time the nurse moved it around she and I both felt the baby punch her hand. It was the cutest thing ever! We both got a kick out of it.

I was supposed to take the gestational diabetes test on this appointment; where you drink a small bottle of liquid, wait an hour, and then draw blood to see what your glucose levels are. Luckily I had not drank the drink yet because I actually was not supposed to do it there, but had to go to a whole separate office. So I’m going to go there tomorrow morning. I’m also being required to take some kind of shot due to my blood type being A-. I’m RH- and because of that I need to take this shot to prevent my body from developing antibodies that will try to eliminate the baby. Because this is my first baby, it won’t affect her, but any subsequent baby will be affected if I don’t take the shot. At first I denied it because I am 100% strongly anti-vaccine/anti-medicinal. I do not trust the ingredients in vaccines due to their unprovable effectiveness but rather developing the very thing it was meant to “protect you from”. I just don’t believe in them PERIOD. So before I just willingly accept anything that the doctors try to give me, I’m going to do my research about it first. Come to find out that this is very important and it could risk the health of my baby, so I am going to accept it and go to the hospital to take it tomorrow when I take my other test.

Yesterday I put the stroller together and pushed it around the house a little bit. I wanted to see what I looked like pushing a stroller around, lol! I look pretty good doing it ;D
It is adorable and it came with the travel system car seat (that also sits in the stroller), the high chair that converts to a toddler’s chair and table, and the pack-n-play. I covered the items with the plastic that it came delivered in to keep from accumulating dirt and dust until the baby actually gets here.

I’ve also made my birth plan (that is subject to change at any time) and have made the decision to have my baby in a birthing center. I know that I definitely do NOT want to have my baby in the hospital. For one, I don’t want different doctors in and out while the whole process is going on. Two, I don’t want to be around a stressful chaotic environment, such as that of hospitals. I feel like it is a very negative environment to be in, especially during a time of such importance, such as giving birth to your first baby! Three, I don’t want to feel pressured to do anything that I do not feel comfortable with, such as vaccinating my child. This will surely happen in a hospital environment because all the doctors seem to think they know better than you just because it’s their “job”, however that is not always necessarily true (especially these days where most of the doctors are not fit for their jobs). Those are just a few of the long list of reasons why I do not and will not have my baby in a hospital. I found the perfect birthing center nearby that accepts my insurance. I looked at their website and they seem like the perfect place for somebody like me with my preferences to have a baby. They are pro-all-natural, no drugs, meds, epidural, etc. They use meditation, massage, deep breathing as pain relievers which is ideal for me, they allow you to walk around and eat if you want, and they allow you to have anybody there that you want. Not that I want an audience or anything, but it’s nice to know that I would have that choice if preferred. The place seems perfect and I can’t wait to take a tour and meet the kind of people I will be having my baby around.

Ultimately, I get more and more excited each day as I get closer to delivering this beautiful baby girl into the world. I’m trying to plan as necessary at the right time when I’m feeling the most positive because I am very optimistic about this entire experience. I’m “semi-uncontrollably” anxious about everything that has to do with preparing for this baby, including planning the baby shower! I already have so many ideas its ridiculous. Additionally, writing about all my experiences during this pregnancy is very pleasing and helps calm my pregnancy anxiety, so I will continue to do so up until I have this baby, and even after if I’m not to occupied by the new addition to my life. ❤

I can't wait till my little girl gets here so I can doll her up in the cutest clothes that match mine!

I can’t wait till my little girl gets here so I can doll her up in the cutest clothes that match mine!
[Pleas excuse the mess in my mother’s bathroom]


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