Teal & White Dots & Bows

Here is my newest work of art! I really think that this is one of the cutest nail designs I EVER saw. I love the mix match gradient colors and the opposite backround colors of all the nails. I just think they are so adorable. I used quite a bit of different nail polish colors: Ruby Kisses French White (Beauty Supply Store), Ruby Kisses Teal Envy (BSS), Love & Beauty Silver Sparkle (Forever 21 – that’s not the real name, the sticker is faded), OPI Happy Anniversary (A sparkly pearly white), Pure Ice Celestial Navy Blue, Sally Hansen Marine Scene Aqua, and Sally Hansen Clear Top & Base Coat. First I painted the base color of three of my nails with the teal envy, and used the french white as the base for my pinky & index finger. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! I then used my medium sized dotting tool, that finally came in the mail from China, to paint a row of three dots down the center line and two on each side on all my fingers except the ring finger. I painted the blue dots on my white nails and the white dots on my teal nails. I used different color blues and whites to create a gradiant affect for my polka dots. They turned out looking pretty awesome. I then applied rhinestones to my ring finger in the shape of a bow to give them the glamorous look. I got this nail art idea online (Pinterest!) but I didn’t copy everything exactly, I added my own personal touch so I could mean it when I said “I did them myself”. It took me literally two days to do this design because I wanted to make sure the base coat paint was COMPLETELY dry before I started adding all the decorations. It was worth the wait because they are definitely worth stopping and staring! I’ll post a photo of the tools and polishes I used along with result pictures of how they turned out.

PS: I would have made a tutorial video about “how to” but my webcam isn’t working. So once that’s fixed, I’ll be on my way to making my amateur cosmetology videos and posting them regularly! ❤



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