Glamorous Toes

Hearts & Diamonds

Hearts & Diamonds

My most recent Nail Art: Glamorous Toes. I used my infamous Ruby Kisses French White for the base, Neon Pink from Rue 21 for the accent color, and Sally Hansen’s Clear Base & Top coat. First I painted all my toes white. I had to literally wait an entire day for those suckers to dry! But I have all the free time in the world these days, so it was well worth the wait. I then used a medium sized dotting tool to make a few large dots on each of my toes (except the big toes).

I then used a tiny dotting tool to make tiny dots to accent the large ones. I also put a rhinestone in the middle of all my toes. For the big toes, I used the dotting tool to draw a big pink heart right in the center and then I put rhinestones to outline the hearts. They turned out so cute! Finally, I used the clear coat to top all my toenails to give it that finished, glossy look. PERFECT toes to show off in cute sandals! I’m so excited that I’m getting so good at this kind of stuff. When I post pictures on Facebook, ALL my friends like them and comment how cute they are and that I should definitely go to cosmetology school. They help boost my ego a little bit (;

I love the fact that I don’t have to pay anybody to do my nails for me because I can do them myself and them look just as good if not better. I buy all my supplies online at because that is the place where the deals are. I’ve tried looking at Walmart, drug stores and beauty supply stores, but their products are always so expensive! As you can tell, I’m cheap! So I buy all my products online, even if they take almost an entire month to get to my house because they usually ship from China. Fixing my webcam is at the top of my to do list for next week, so as soon as I get that rolling, I’ll start making my tutorial videos so I can teach everybody how to do these easy and beautiful nail designs for themselves.



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