My “Creation Box” Project

attractingwhateveryouwantAfter reading another miraculous chapter of my amazing book Ask And It Is Given, I have decided to put what I just read about into action. It is a process to use that helps you practice the Art of Allowing; meaning, letting the things you desire into your experience. It’s called “The Magical Creation Box”. You use it when you are in the mood for a pleasing activity that will focus the Energy that creates worlds into specific directions of your personal preferences, or when you want to give the Universal Manager (God) even more specific information about the details of things that please you. But in order to be able to use this process effectively is if you are in the Emotional Set-Point of joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation and optimism. You can’t and won’t be able to use this process if your are feeling none of these.

Long story short, you pick a box that is appealing to you, whatever you like. You write on top of it “Whatever is contained in this box – IS!”. You clip pictures of anything that you want to experience: furniture, clothing, landscaping, travel destinations, vehicles, photos of people interacting with one another, anything that is appealing to you; clip it, put it in your box. If you have an idea, write it down with details and throw that in the box. This activity is to help you practice being in a nonresistant state so that you can allow the Universe to bring you whatever it is that you desire. The more things you put in your box, the more the Universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them. And the more you drop things into your box, the more your desire will be focused, and you will be in state of allowing those things to come into your experience.

When I read this, I felt my entire body overfill with joy and inspiration! I started thinking about what box I could use, and how I would decorate it, what kinds of things I would put in it, so on and so forth. I actually adjusted my financial planner just so that I could make room to buy some decorations for my box. Tomorrow, I’m going shopping to buy some loose glitter, ribbon, glue, stickers, colored paper, and a magazine to start clipping things that represent exactly what I want. For example, one of the things I’m going to put in my “Creation Box” is a red or black car, because that’s what I plan to have in the mere future. I also want a digital camera, so if I see a picture of that, I’m going to clip it and put it in the box! I’m also going to add pictures of college, learning a new language, a picture of a receptionist, because that’s the kind of job I want to have after I have the baby, along with a few other things I have written down. I’m getting excited just talking about it. I wish I could go buy everything right now, but unfortunately, I don’t have any money until tomorrow.

One of the greatest aspects about applying this process to my life is the fact that I will be practicing the law of attraction and learning how to attract the things I want in my life. It’s such a liberating idea and every time I think about it, a positive energy flows all through me. I love it! And I’m so appreciative about learning how to be in control of my own thoughts and experiences. It brings so much positivity in my life, I recommend everybody to do this so they will now how I feel.

I plan to start this project tomorrow after my shopping spree. I’m excited that it’s right after Christmas because I’m likely to find a lot of the things I want on sale. Once I finish making the box, I’ll post a picture about it. And when something I put in the box happens, I’ll let you know, so you’ll know that this process really works! Then you can do it too. (:


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