Cosmetic Talent ♥

This blog post is dedicated to my make-up talent. Included are a few photos of some of my most recent techniques and color uses. I want to expand the variety of the kind of make-up I can do, so I’m in the process of creating an online portfolio that will show all of my work. I want to make a portfolio to demonstrate it to people in person as well. I’m eventually going to need that when I go to Cosmetology school. I’m also making tutorial videos soon! I’m going to teach other people how to apply their make-up like I do mine. (:

680 687 IMG_20121225_201308

IMG_20121208_154456IMG_20121225_195229IMG_20121225_195106 IMG_20121225_200144 IMG_20121225_200211 IMG_20121223_203012 IMG_20121215_133926 IMG_20121215_133902 IMG_20121215_133841 IMG_20121218_150516 IMG_20121218_150312IMG_20121218_150417


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