Creative Workshop Project

In my book Ask and it is Given, I read about this process that helps you to focus your positive energy on things that you want to improve in your life experience. Its supposed to get you into the habit of looking at everything in a positive manner. You can perform it in writing, or in your mind, but I think it would be more fun if I wrote it down. I’m going to try this process to see if it works. I have a feeling that it does because everything I’ve read about works so far. But it’s a fun activity that I want to try to prove to myself, once again, that these processes will in fact better my life. I took pictures of what I wrote down so you could see my own personal example of this creative workshop process:


This Creative Workshop Process will assist in focusing upon the areas that are most immediate and important in your life experience. When you identify the four basic subjects of your life, a focusing of Energy occurs. When you make more specific statements of desire, you activate the Energy around those subjects even more. And when you think about why you want those things, you can usually be softening your resistance around the subject while you are adding even more clarity and power to the thoughts. Why you want something defines the essence of what you want…the Universe always delivers to you the vibrational essence of your desire.

When you think about why you want something, you usually soften resistance, but when you think about when it will come to you or how it will come or who will help it to come, you often add resistance, especially if you do not already know the answers to those questions.





This Creative Workshop Process advises that you only visit it when you are in an optimistic mood. You should not go here if you are not feeling good. Here’s what Abraham had to say about it:

As you enter your workshop already feeling good. and then you bring to your workshop specific aspects of life experience that please you, and as you envision these things in greater detail, your life outside of your workshop will begin yo reflect images that you have created within your Creative Workshop. This is a powerful tool that will help you create the perfect life for yourself.

I love reading about this, and I can not wait to see the results of my workshop! If it really works I will feel invigorated with my own sense of powerful to “create” any kind of life I want, and I will do so. Please let me know if you decide to try this activity and if it works out for you. I would love to know about other people’s experiences doing the same thing that I’m doing.


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