Pregnancy Post #9 – I Found The Video, Hearing Baby’s Heart Beat!

I was looking through my Facebook video’s when I noticed that there was one on there that I had uploaded from my phone a little while ago of me and daddy hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, and then realized it was already deleted off my phone. I was a little upset about it because I’m keeping every single little detail and memory of this entire pregnancy. I was even more upset when I clicked on the video to see if I could save it and found that I could not even download it if I wanted to! I thought the video was gone forever, so I was going to re-record it on my phone. The quality would have been really bad, but at least I would have the video. Fortunately, while looking through all my untagged photos on my computer, I found the video hidden in a picture file!!! I was so excited about finding it that I immediately uploaded it to my YouTube. Somehow I knew I had this video saved somewhere, because I don’t ever just “delete” anything without saving it first. I’m one of those people that hoards countless pictures and memorable items. I love the feeling of having something to look back on and it will feel even better when I can show my children my life growing up. I’ll post the video on here so you guys can see it. It’s less than a minute long, but it was the happiest less than 60 seconds of my life up until that day.


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