Casual Make-Up

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Here are a few photos showing my most often used casual style of make-up. I use brown a lot because it’s a simple, day time color that goes with any outfit. Although some days when I wear bright colored clothes, I usually like to match my eye make-up to the clothes I’m wearing. My birthday is coming up this month on the 27th (I’ll be 20 years young!) and I only want two things. The first thing I want is a huge multicolored eyeshadow palette with a bunch of bright colors. The second thing I want is a professional make-up artist brush kit. I already have the EXACT palette and brushes I want added to my Amazon account wish list. I can get both items for unbelievably less than $40.


32 Piece Set for $16.15 @


96 Color Palette by Shany Cosmetics for $15.11 @

71vwpTTHH-L._SL1100_A couple days ago I finally found the decorative diamond rocks I was looking for. I bought the cutest blue, pink, & clear crystals for only $5.55 on Amazon, free shipping! I swear that’s like, the ONLY place I shop at because they have everything in the entire world for some good prices. Anyways, I wanted these decorations so bad because I want to put them in a pretty glass cup and use it to hold all my brushes. Not to mention, they are the same as the accent colors of my bedroom. It will be the perfect addition to my vanity. I can’t wait to re-organize and set up all my make-up.  Before you know it, my bedroom will look like a mini salon with everything from hair accessories, to nail polish displays, to shoes displayed on the wall, to the perfect cosmetic collection. I’m looking forward to the results and will be taking many pictures to show everyone. I feel like this is going to be my little practice for when I open my own salon in the future, hopefully after I’m retired.

Here is where I ordered the blue pink and clear crystals.
Here is where I’m going to order the make-up palette and the brushes.


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