Lavish Lilac Leopard Print

This week’s nail design: Lilac Leopard Print. I got the idea from a Facebook fan page: Nails. I used the following:

  • Wet n Wild’s Black Cremé
  • Sally Hansen’s No Hard Feelings Pastel Purple
  • Milani’s Glitzy Lilac
  • Sally Hansen’s Clear Base & Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Filing Board
  • Dotting Tool (Pick Up Gems)
  • Angle Tip Nail Art Brush
  • Short Nail Art Brush
  • Silver Rhinestones
  • Nail Polish Remover to clean up the mess.


First I filed my nails down to the length and shape that I wanted and painted them with the Pastel Purple. I usually paint 2 coats, especially when the color is a light one. After letting those dry for a couple minutes, I painted the glitzy lilac color in a diagonal stroke across all my nails; the left hand is angled from the bottom right to the top left, the right hand is angled from the bottom left to the top right. (See picture for a better understanding.)  Then I use the nail art brushes to draw random lines and dots ONLY on the lilac to create a leopard print pattern. Next I paint a clear streak down the diagonal line that differentiates the two colors and begin to adhere the rhinestones. I let those dry for about a minute before finally painting a top coat to make them complete. And there you have it! Gorgeous gotta-look-back-at-those lavish lilac leopard nails. This is a very girly, flashy, sparkly nail design that brings out the diva in you. I absolutely love them and it’s super easy to do! Not to mention, all the positive comments you get and the satisfaction of being able to tell people you did it yourself.



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