Purple Passion Eyes

IMG_20121227_131614 The “smokey eye” look is my all-time favorite eye shadow technique. I use it quite often, most of the time with only two colors (usually brown shades) when I’m trying to do something quick. I also like to use this technique a lot when I use my loud colors. It just adds a little extra brightness to your face. Every time I do my make up like this, I get countless compliments. I personally like to use the smokey eye technique with the cat eye top liner because people can get a better view of the different colors used on your eyes. Always, I prime my eye before I put on any eye shadow (after I’ve already applied my foundation). For this occasion, I used a very light sparkly purple on my entire eyelid. I have a huge variety of different shades of purple, so I chose the colors that would best match the shirt I was wearing at that time. I picked a light purple (as I’ve mentioned), a very bright, dark purple to edge the very end of my eye lid, and then a medium purple in the middle to blend the light and dark colors together near my crease. IMG_20121227_131437This creates a gradient pattern to your eyeshadow. When I’m done adding my main colors, I usually use a shimmery nude color on my brow line to help blend out the outside edges and also to cover the extra “bare skin” just below my eyebrows; but for this session I used a sparkly fairy white color. Doing this makes your eye shadow look complete, especially if you draw on your eyebrows, as I do. The top eyeliner can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. I will make a video sometime during the next two weeks to teach girls how to apply their top eyeliner to make perfect “cat-eyes”. In the mean time, there are numerous YouTube videos of other girls teaching you how to do it. This look looks good with or without the top eyeliner, but I prefer to use it because I think it gives my eyes more definition; in other words, it makes them pop out more. IMG_20121227_131818Lastly, I add eyeliner and mascara and then I’m done! I’m not a big fan of using fake anything, but I did recently give in to buying some. I want to try to use them on special occasions when I do a lot of big, flashy, fancy eye make-up, such as the one I did for Christmas. I plan to use them sparingly because I don’t want to ruin my real eyelashes that I love so much. However, sometimes I just can’t get my eyelashes to look as full and thick as the fake ones do. I’m also trying to expand my make-up collection, so that’s another reason why I bought them. Not to mention they only cost me $3.00 + free shipping because they’re coming straight from China. Stay tuned because I have a busy upcoming week, which means I will be going out, getting dressed up and doing a lot of more new make-up tricks, which also means new make-up blog posts!




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