Pregnancy Post #11 – 30 Weeks


Baby Dream
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I woke up in the best mood ever this morning. I had the most enlightening dream about my baby girl, born already, playing with me in my gigantic king sized bed, laughing, giggling and smiling at me. She had the most adorable little baby face, beautiful blue eyes (like mommy’s), and a head full of gorgeous dark brown hair (like daddy’s). She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw and I was having so much fun interacting and playing with her. It makes me feel good that I woke up to such a good dream because for one, I never remember any of my dreams; and two, they say your dreams tell you what your current point of attraction is. Good=good & bad=bad. Apparently my point of attraction is on the “good” scale, which makes sense because I have made this pregnancy the most positive experience ever in my life, and as a result I have been a much happier person.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday morning that went great. Weighing at a very satisfying 140 pounds, I took my Rhogam shot, asked many questions that I got answered, and scheduled another appointment in three weeks. One of my most important questions that got answered was me knowing what my actual gestational age is, so that I could properly assign tags to my pregnancy pictures. As of today I am 30 weeks and 1 day pregnant according to the baby’s gestational age, which makes the due date March 18, 2013 (same as daddy’s birthday).

Heart Beat DopplerGoogle Images

Heart Beat Doppler
Google Images

When the nurse put the Doppler on my belly to hear baby’s heartbeat, all you could hear was Natalia moving around as if she got excited or scared. This crazy girl is so receptive it’s not even funny. She reacts to EVERYTHING that pushes her and the nurses just think it’s the cutest and funniest thing ever! She has such a personality already, it’s amazing. ❤ Every day, I spend about 5-10 minutes “playing” with her. I’ll feel her moving around, so I’ll push and poke at her, and then she’ll push and poke me back. It is too funny! It makes me laugh and smile and I feel nothing but love when I share these bonding moments with my unborn daughter. It amazes me how a baby can be so sensitive and responsive to the things outside the womb. I feel like she’s already so smart and her brain is not even fully developed yet! Also, Dr. Marlene informed me that at my next appointment, I can expect to have one last ultrasound before the baby is born. My mom is coming with me on that day so she can be there to see her granddaughter on TV for the first time. (:

29 Weeks and 3 Days

29 Weeks and 3 Days

The Birth Center Tour also went absolutely wonderful. My mom (which btw is 100% supportive of my pregnancy) accompanied me on the tour and agreed that it was a very nice, comfortable place.  I would absolutely LOVE to give birth to my baby in that place. Unfortunately however, it is not practical for somebody with my circumstances.

For one, I am traveling from out of the area, so the travel time is ~45 minutes-NO TRAFFIC-according to Google maps. We left 15 minutes in advance and still ended up being 10 minutes late. Being in the middle of rush hour in a big, unfamiliar city didn’t help either; especially since the birth center only has tours at 5pm M-W. Second off, you have to be a patient there to have your baby there (how naïve of me to think otherwise). Which means I would have to travel approximately 50 minutes there and back every two weeks and then every week in my last month. God forbid I have a false alarm trip! Two words: Expensive and Inconvenient. Thirdly, I have A- blood type, which puts me at a higher risk than most pregnant women. The birth center mostly assists mother’s that are no risk, this way they don’t have to do an emergency transfer to the hospital often. Fourth, need I remind you that this is my first time having a baby, so I have NO idea what to expect when I go into labor. Although I want to have as natural of a birth as possible, there’s a chance that I could be unlucky enough to have intense pains that will be miserable and unbearable. If I’m at a birth center, I can’t say “hey, I think I’ll have an epidural now!” because they won’t give it to you. And I want to be able to have that choice if I’m in too much pain. All women are different; some women go through hell and back to birth their babies, and some women just pop them little suckers out no problem. Hopefully I will have one of those “just pop out no problem” babies, BUT you never know. And if the occasion strikes, I definitely want to have some kind of back-up.

Hospital AtmosphereImage from Google

Hospital Atmosphere
Image from Google

The only thing I’m “not too sure what to call it” feeling about the hospital is more than likely possibility of the doctors pressuring me to have my daughter vaccinated, which I will boldly refuse for several personal reasons. A lot of times, older people don’t take me too seriously because of my young age, and I would think the doctor’s especially because they’ve been through years of school. But, I know what I know, and I know what I want for my child, and I will refuse anything that I’m not comfortable with-in confidence-and will stand my ground. My mom will also be there to back me up if they give me a hard time, which I am very thankful for. I’ve have tried to avoid the hospital scene as much as possible (for reasons I’ve explained in previous pregnancy posts), but it looks like that’s where little Natalia will be born.

My plan of approach is to be flexible. I am going to look for all the positive things I can think of about being at the hospital when I’m in labor. And when I’m there for my actual delivery, I’m going to escape the hospital in my mind, which means I need to practice my meditation now! By then, it would be a tad difficult to achieve something unpracticed in a chaotic and possibly stressful environment. So from this point on, I am going to practice removing my mind from my current reality so I can concentrate on what I really want-to deliver my baby safely and promptly. Sometime this week I’m going to schedule a tour of the hospital to get a better feel of how the setting will look and feel like. I’m also going to revise my birth plan to share with my delivering nurse next appointment and start thinking about packing a hospital bag and gathering all emergency numbers. I don’t want to start thinking about too many things at the same time because I also have to plan my baby shower within the month and I want to think about the first things first.

I am so excited to be getting closer and closer the birth of my little girl. She brings out the best in me and she’s not even here yet. I am also very glad that I started this pregnancy blog to release my expression about this life changing experience. When Natalia is older she can see how happy her mommy was and how much I loved her already. ❤

30 Weeks

30 Weeks

Pregnant (:

Pregnant (:


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Post #11 – 30 Weeks

  1. Wonderful to read your care of yourself and the new life within you. My two are now older than you, two girls. I hope for you that you are not pressured by the hospital to use interventions that are essentially about convenience for the doctors but are not for the well-being of the baby. I hope that your smile and care will win them over when you are most vulnerable and your birthing daughter is as well. There is a clear relationship of the psyche of a person and the type of birth he or she had. For example, I was floored to find out that an MO that has been part of my whole life is related to my birth.

    I was born three weeks early in 1956. My mom was told to close her legs to try to stop me from coming. Gratefully, this is before medications that would have been routinely administered (now) to stop the contraction and stop my birth. But, I was coming and coming fairly fast. The closing of my mom’s legs until she could not stand it anymore became a trait in my life. I start things quickly, fully, and with full enthusiasm, but completely almost anything – try as I do – is a significant challenge. Few important things actually complete – have a feelings of done. Instead there is a lagging on quality to most things – and the circumstances are usually out of my control, just like my birth.

    So, dear mother to be, already labeled as “potentially at risk,” let your birth proceed. Of course, love your Natalia in every way before (as you are), during, and after that birth process. And please find a doctor that will honor and respect that birth is normal, 90% of the time without complications and that women do it every day – many, many without help or intervention.

    Peace and Light!

    • Oh wow, thank you so much! I don’t even know what to say, lol! But yes, I have decided to make my own self happy no matter what, for the sake of me and my baby. I want nothing but the best for both of us and I know that positivity will benefit her as much as it benefits me!
      And I hope they don’t pressure me either because I would hate to get into a confrontation while I’m going through all the labor and delivery. But I’m optimistic that the nurses are not going to pressure me, but instead understand my decision and respect it. Especially because the hospital here is nothing like the hospital in the city. They are more caring and understanding people.

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