Fruity Toes!


How cute are these?! I got the idea from Google or Pinterest, I don’t exactly remember. To make things even better, my last shipment of nail art supplies came in today: my brand new brushes. They work 10x better than the other ones I bought, and I only paid $2.97. To do this design, I used L.A. Colors Spring Frost that I got for $1 at Dollar General, Mint Green by Rue beauté, Ruby Kisses French White & Sally Hansen Clear Base & Top Coat.


First I painted the base of all my toes using the two greens in an odd, every-other pattern. I then used my #00 nail art brush to paint white vertical lines on my two big toes. After that, I applied two green rhinestones, one on both of my second and last toes. I put some small different fruit pieces on my two middle toes, adding a white pearl to my third toe. Finally I make sort of a collage of different fruit, colored dots and rhinestones to the big toes, and complete the pedicure with the top coat. This has to be, so far, my favorite toe nail design that I’ve done so far!
Now I just have to get some cute flip flops to match. ;D




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