Baby Shower Planning ♥

As of Friday, I’ve officially started planning my baby shower. I’m using my Microsoft Excel Software to help me stay organized and also to help refrain from overwhelming myself. I kind of stressed myself out a little bit trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to plan a baby shower; especially since I’ve never planned a baby shower before, or any kind of party for that matter. I think I’m doing a great job so far! I have the guest list thought out. I’ve already designed and sent out the invitations/made the event on Facebook. I have the shopping lists for food and decorations ready to go. I’ve decided to make a few of my own decorations, so I have due dates for those to be made. One of my girlfriends is taking care of the location, the cake and half of the decorations. I’ve got due dates of when to get everything prepared, such as the food that needs to be made before-hand, when to go shopping, and when to make the music CD’s. I have games, prizes, party favors all figured out and due dates for those things to be set up. I have the party schedule organized and entertainment for children that will be coming along with their parents. I even have my whole outfit, hair and nails figured out! Best of all, I’m not having to stress myself out about anything because I know exactly when everything needs to be figured out! I’m thankful to have the help of my mother and my good friends. Here’s a sneak peek of the theme of my baby shower and the invitation I sent out. (:



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