Pregnancy Post #12 – 31 Weeks


31 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant

I am 31 weeks pregnant as of Monday. My next OB appointment isn’t for another two weeks, but there is a lot going on between now and then!

I revised my birth plan and made it to be more flexible about the circumstances that will/could be involved in my delivery. Also, my mother and I toured the hospital where I would deliver Natalia earlier this afternoon. It was very short and sweet, we were in and out it probably less than 15 minutes. They showed us an empty room that was fairly small, but the fetal monitoring and newborn care stuff were all in the same room; so mommy & baby are never separated, which is my favorite aspect about it. The hospital is very quiet, serene and peaceful-NOTHING AT ALL like the hospitals in the city (I’m referring to Jacksonville). I was very surprised about how nice this hospital actually is. I’m actually not at all worried about delivering at a hospital anymore, now that I got an idea of what the environment will be like.


A few Baby Shower Decorations. (:

I’ve already started planning my baby shower. I am excited and anxious about this more than anything. I’ve made the invitation and invited the guests, I’ve ordered my dress and some decorations, and for the next week days I’m going to work on making the rest of the decorations, the games, and the music I want to play during the event. I have a veryyy busy next couple of weeks! I have a pregnancy care class to go to tomorrow morning, my baby shower Saturday, my birthday Sunday (Yay, I’ll be 20!), Dr. appointment the following week and then I’ll be starting the baby nursery paint and set up. I envisioned how I wanted the nursery to look like and then I sketched it on paper to get a more realistic visual of what I want. I’m happy that I have so many exciting plans to look forward to. I know everything is going to have a perfect result because I’ve preplanned and thought out everything, what it’s going to look like and how much its going to cost.

As for me personally, physically, and emotionally, I’m doing fantastic. The only complaint I have is the increasing occurrence of “Braxton Hicks” pains. They’re not unbearable, but they sure are uncomfortable! I cope with them by either walking them out or swaying my hips, something that moves me around to help distract me. Eventually, usually shortly after, I forget about them and they go away.

UntitledAccording to my pregnancy app, Natalia is well over 16 inches long and already weighs 3.5 pounds! Feeling her move so high on my stomach close to my boobs, and in my pelvis at the same time feels kind of funny. There’s a big baby in my belly I can feel it, lol! It’s becoming more uncomfortable than cute, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep. But I love feeling her so active in her little home, it reassures me how healthy and happy she is. (:

Other than that, everything else feels great. Morning sickness has ceased (for now, ‘knock on wood’), No additional stretch marks, I’m gaining the perfect amount of weight, not too much not too little, I am actively doing my yoga at least every other day, I’m getting things done on a daily basis at a very convenient pace, I feel positive about myself, my life and everything that’s happening in it, and I have nothing but good expectations and positive intentions for the future.



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