Creative Wish Box Complete!


Well, I finally finished making my Creation Wish Box Project. Just in time too, seeing as how I have so many other projects to start. It took me almost a month to do, but it is totally worth it because, LOOK HOW CUTE THIS BOX IS?! I’m in love with it! It’s perfect for me, my wishes, it’s made by me, and it matches my zebra-obsessed room. ;D
I’ll post many photos of the progress of this project and everything I used to make it. I probably spent a total of close to $35 to make it; but hey, it’s what I wanted and it makes me happy. No regrets. (:













2013-01-16_23-59-16_323 2013-01-16_23-59-31_220


Let me just remind everybody that the purpose of this project was to put my learning of Law of Attraction into action. I make a box that makes me feel good, I put cut out’s, pictures, notes, and items that I want to attract into my experience in it, and then I allow/watch it manifest in my life. I can’t wait to start putting more items in my wish box and watch them appear in my life. This project puts me in a great mood and keeps me feeling positive about it and everything else. I am very happy that I made this box and I encourage everybody else to do it also! Of course, you don’t have to go all out and spend all kinds of crazy money like I did just to make a simple box, but do whatever makes you happy! You could make a collage on your box of things that you like, or cover it in pictures of yourself and the people you love in your life, you could even put random words and drawings all over it, whatever your heart desires. I would love to know if this is an inspiration for you to make your own box. And don’t forget to make sure you take plenty of pictures of it so you can show it off! (:


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