Cherry Nails

IMG_20130117_192426Sorry I’m a little late with this nail design. I had some things to do that required handy work and I didn’t want to waste my nail polish by painting my nails just for them to get messed up. But anyways, I decided that cherries were the perfect design to match my fruity toes. Plus, I like the colors red and white together. First I painted all my nails red (Pure Ice Siren) except my ring fingers, which I painted white (Ruby Kisses French White). I then used a medium sized dotting tool to paint white dots on all my nails except the ring fingers. Then, I used the same dotting tool (cleaned) to make 2 red dots forming 3 sets of cherries on my ring fingers. I then used a thin nail art brush to paint green (Wet n Wild’s Sagreena the Teenage Witch) stems on the cherries. I also used this same sized art brush to draw white accents on my cherries to make them look more realistic. Lastly, I add several different sized, but much smaller dots to accent the cherry fingers, along with adding 2-3 red rhinestones on each nail. I applied a clear top coat ONLY on my ring fingers, just to keep the rhinestones on. I don’t do this to any of my other nails because If you re-wet the white polish, it will rub off and start blending into the red. So I had to make sure I left nice shiny coats and dots to make them look perfect. And there you have it folks: Perfect cherry nails. It’s a simple design that anybody can do and it only takes 30-45 minutes.


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