Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

Well, I’ve decided that I want to be crafty and make my own decorations for my baby shower! I’m going to make a customized garland that says “Welcome Natalia” because I can’t find any cute ones that will match the theme of the shower for a good price. So, I spent no more than $7 buying everything I needed to make my own garland; can’t beat that! I bought a silver sparkly garland at the dollar general that was on sale for “after Christmas”, only paid $1.50 for it. Then I bought some hot pink, black and white card stock to make my letters. I already had glitter and markers, so didn’t have to buy those things. I also bought some zebra duct tape and some assorted pink feathers to make these really cute tabletop decorations that I saw on Pinterest. I already have TONS of pink ribbon, so didn’t have to buy that either. This is what I’ve got so far! (:

My Homemade Feather Decorations. (:

My Homemade Feather Decorations. (:


The Start of My Garland Project.


Half of the Brooches I’m Making for Me & My Mother to Wear.


The Other Half of The Brooches! Unfinished (;


The Goodie Bags, Zebra Striped Balloons and Table Runner! I would have taken pictures of the prizes, but I don’t want my guests to see them yet! (;

Oh and here are some more decorations that came in the mail! Now all I’m waiting on is the hot pink zebra cupcake holders which should be here in no more than 3 days! I’m super excited, especially because my dress finally was delivered and it looks absolutely AMAZING on my pregnant self. ;D
Not to mention, I already have the PERFECT shoes to go with my dress. Coincidentally, they are the EXACT same colors as the dress, and I also have some pretty black sparkly flats that are brand new, haven’t been worn yet, to wear as back-ups because I don’t think I’m going to be wearing heels for my 2 hour party, lol!

A Sneak Peek of One of the Games that will be Played at the Party! Raffle Tickets (:

A Sneak Peek of One of the Games that will be Played at the Party! Raffle Tickets (:

I’m so excited about this baby shower and it makes me happy that I made half of everything. I’ve probably spent more money than I should, but hey! I NEVER throw parties, so I don’t mind spending money on a party for my daughter. I’ve got some really fun games planned for my guests to play to keep them entertained and they are coming out great. After the party, I’m going to post pictures of how everything looks, the food, the table, the decorations, and of course myself. I’m also going to take pictures of the games and everybody playing them, the prizes they win, and the guests-as well as the presents. I cannot wait for this weekend!!! ❤


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