St. Patrick’s Day Make-Up

I love things that sparkle! Especially make-up. (:

The following are some bright green glitter inspiration. I used a lime green base, black matte eyeliner to cut my crease, black sparkly eye shadow, and lime green glitter. This would be perfect for St. Patty’s Day!

BTW: I know I keep saying I’m going to make tutorial videos. Forgive me for not still not following through yet, I’m so busy preparing things for the baby and have not gotten around to fixing my webcam. However I will keep my promise and make them as soon as my life calms down a little bit. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my written description of techniques and photos. ❤


IMG_20130123_004830 IMG_20130123_004807

IMG_20130123_004912 IMG_20130123_004954


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