My Baby Shower!


32 Weeks & 5 Days Pregnant @ My Baby Shower (:

2013-01-26_15-09-35_925Well the Big Event is over. Now I can calm down and relax a little bit, lol. The Baby Shower turned out being perfect. 2013-01-26_15-09-30_175Me and my mom got all dressed up, IMG_20130127_123527Jimmy helped us load and unload everything to set up at the park, Ashlee arrived with the most adorable cake and the cutest little boy ever, she helped us with decorating the pavilion with all my cute decorations, set up the food, and got everything set up. IMG_20130127_123610Soon after that, my friend’s Brittney with her adorable son, Gerri, and Jessica arrived. IMG_20130127_123724Brittney unfortunately couldn’t stay because she had a birthday party to attend to at 3, but she was kind enough to come by and give me wonderful gifts. Then my mom’s friend Barbera came, dressed as a clown to entertain the children. She made the boys fun shaped balloons and there was also a park for them to play in. Although, I invited many people, only 4 showed. Some people let me know ahead of time that they couldn’t make it, some people told me they were coming and didn’t, some let me know, some didn’t, some didn’t RSVP at all. Regardless, I was so appreciative of the people who actually cared to let me know what was going on and why they couldn’t make it. I was appreciative of the people who offered me gifts although they could not make it to the shower. I was appreciative for the people who did show up and grateful for their gifts. It actually ended up working out perfect because I had just enough party favors for the guests the came, which were originally intended to be party prizes for the games. I was able to spend individual time with each of my girlfriends and catch up. We listened to music and talked about my pregnancy, old memories, watched old videos, talked about remember-when’s, and ultimately had a great time. It also lasted longer than I intended it to (3 hours) because we were talking so much! They were so interested in my baby stories because none of them had children. Britney did and she gave me all kinds of insight on what to look forward to, but as I mentioned earlier she did not end up staying. I took many pictures, although I wish I would have taken a lot more of me and my mom, me and Britney before she left, a close-up of the table decorations and the beautiful cake, and me opening the baby presents.



The Ladies: Ms. Barbera, Mom, Me, Jessica, Gerri, Ashlee.

I’m not even going to lie, I was a little disappointed that so many people who told me they were coming didn’t show up (except for the ones who told me why they couldn’t make it of course), especially for the ones who didn’t even bother to let me know anything even though they said they would come. But then I thought to myself: don’t be disappointed! Be grateful because people still came, I have pretty much almost everything I need for the baby’s arrival, I have means of getting everything that I still need, I still had a ton of fun spending time with good old friends, and besides, I know a bunch of girls that never even had the opportunity to have a baby shower, and if they did, never mentioned a thing about it. Then I felt completely better about everything and was actually glad that a bunch of people didn’t show up because my mom and I got to eat all the left over Brazilian candies that we loved so much! ;D





Me & My Beautiful Mother (:

Me & My Beautiful Mother (:

Today is my birthday and I am 20 years young. My plans are to relax because I’m entirely too exhausted from the weeks activities and the weekend’s events to do anything. Until next weekend, then I will have money to buy myself a couple of birthday presents along with some baby items. Also, my mom’s bf is going to take us out to eat when he gets paid next week as a birthday present. I’m planning on buying some paint and painting supplies to start on Natalia’s dresser. Now that the baby Shower has been checked off, my next project on the to-do list is to start the nursery. So this weekend, I want to buy the supplies I need to do that and get started on getting Natalia’s bedroom set up. Then I have to paint the room, add the border, hang the curtains, add the wall art, put the crib together, wash all clothing and bedding, organize everything and finally take pictures of it all. Hopefully I will induce my own labor doing all this, lol! I’m going to stay as active as possible from this point on until the very last two weeks so I can one, keep myself busy instead lazing around; two, make sure I get the exercise I need; and three, it makes me feel good to be productive, especially if it’s for my little girl. ❤ In my last two weeks, I’m going to get all the sleep I will need before baby girl gets here, and save all the energy I have left to use for labor.

I’m very excited about having so many things to look forward to. Once the nursery is done, I will make Natalia’s baby box (A project I want to create to keep all her keepsakes), make her name project, and start a baby book to keep a memoir of all her baby notes. Then I will be done with projects for a little while so I can tend to and treasure my newborn baby. (:

My Curls (:

The Other Baby Shower Stuff – My Curls (:

Zebra Toes <3

Baby Shower Zebra Toes ❤

Zebra Nails <3

Baby Shower Zebra Nails ❤


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