Pregnancy Post #18 – 37 Weeks


37 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo

*37 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant Today!
*146 Pounds


Us @ Oaks Mall

Sorry about the slack on the blogging. I’ve just had a very eventful week and weekend, so I haven’t had too much time to squeeze in a blog. But I’m back! So here’s the update. (:

This past weekend, Jacob came to visit me in Lake City so he could spend time with me and the Natalia before she arrives. He was very eager to see how big my belly has gotten since the last time we’ve seen each other. Also he wanted to buy a few items for the baby to help me better prepare for her arrival. Over all I had a wonderful weekend with him. He took me out to eat at several places: Jason’s Deli, Starbucks, Hungry Howie’s, Krispy Kreme, Carraba’s, making sure he satisfied all my cravings.


Jason’s Deli Lunch

Carraba's Dinner

Carraba’s Dinner

He bought Natalia a few outfits, even though she really didn’t need them (lol), a very expensive baby book from Hallmark ($45), my diaper bag along with all the items on my online Amazon shopping cart, some baby hygiene products such as shampoo and body wash, and a couple of things for me as well, like adorable black, glittery flip flops and the cutest flower earrings ever! He was definitely very generous to me and very sweet to me on our very busy and romantic weekend before I have the baby. He made sure I got plenty of exercise as we walked around the big mall of Gainesville and the strip of Downtown as well as plenty of rest in the hotel where we stayed at.

Clothes for Natalia from Daddy

Clothes for Natalia from Daddy

We went on a very nice walk in the downtown area of Gainesville where it reminded me of Old Town St. Augustine. I expressed to him how much In Love I was with the city of Gainesville and told him that that’s where I want to go to college. The college campus there is HUGE and it’s in the center of the entire town across the street from the strip that was lined with all kinds of restaurants, café’s, bars, clubs, consignment shops, everything you can imagine.


My Cute Diaper Bag! (:

Although we spent a lovely weekend together, I still don’t feel like we need to be together. At least not right now. I need to get my life situated and established the way I want it before I can commit to a relationship, as does he. We both have things that we still need to work on, our lifestyles and ourselves, before we can actually “be” together. But regardless of our relationship status, we are both going to continue to be involved in Natalia’s life so that she can have both her parents. I feel that regardless of the parents’ relationship, they should both still have a relationship with the child.

My baby dropped! (:& Props to Prenatal Yoga for that Toned Booty! ;D

My baby dropped! (:
& Props to Prenatal Yoga for that Toned Booty! ;D

I have a very strong feeling that Natalia will be here sooner than the expected due date. I can feel so much more pressure on my pelvic area than ever before. Braxton Hicks contractions are definitely in full range and happening longer, stronger and more frequently. I can feel the baby so low in my stomach, people actually can tell the difference because I carried high my entire pregnancy; she has definitely dropped into position, which was confirmed in the appointment prior to the last. My belly is not so round anymore. It’s more “lumpy” and I can feel her body parts inside of me, which I think is the coolest thing ever. If Natalia was to be here before the 18th I would actually be very happy because then all this built up anticipation would be over with, I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore (Thank God!), and I would finally be able to hold my little girl in my arms. Daddy is very anxious to meet Natalia, probably even more than I am! The waiting period makes us so antsy.

My doctor’s appointment yesterday went pretty good for the most part. Other than waiting an entire hour and a half before I was actually seen, I had an overall good experience. The doctor told me that my blood pressure is absolutely perfect, my urine looks good, which lets me know that the Group B Strep Test that I took at the last appointment was negative. She also felt the baby in my belly and told me that she could feel all the body parts because I’m such a skinny pregnant girl and that the baby is measuring perfect size. I have been getting a lot of compliments lately from random strangers as well as friends about how pretty I am and how cute my belly is, how I have a “pregnancy glow” and it makes me feel so good, especially since I’m a little over two weeks away from having this baby! Prenatal yoga has definitely benefited my body in every way possible, keeping my body fit as it adjusts to the continuing added weight and alleviating the little back pain that I have.

$45 Baby Book from Hallmark

$45 Baby Book from Hallmark

The baby book that Jacob bought ironically fits perfectly in the shoe box that I picked to be Natalia’s baby box. It fits right in, like a glove on a hand. I drew a sketch of how I want to decorate the box and will spend my last two weeks of pregnancy making it. I already bought all the supplies needed to decorate the box. Now I just have to put it all together which I plan on starting this afternoon. This will be my next art project that I blog about.


Supergirl BackPack - Because That is How I will Feel after Giving Birth!

Supergirl BackPack – Because That is How I will Feel after Giving Birth!

I also have my hospital bag packed and ready to go for when I go into labor. I even have a last minute check list hanging right next to the front door so I won’t forget ANYTHING important. I probably over packed, but it is okay because I would rather have more than enough than not enough. And who knows?! This baby could end up being so big that I end up having to need a C-section. So I feel the need to have plans A, B, and C so I can be prepared for anything. I am very anal about preparedness and having back up plans. I like to be ready for anything that may or may not happen! I also plan to leave candy with the nurses who help deliver Natalia as a friendly thank you gift for their support and hard work. I know this gesture will be greatly appreciated.

For the next two and a half weeks, I’m going to spend my time waiting on the rest of the nursery items to come in so I can add the finishing touches to the nursery, I’m going to relax and spend my time crafting to keep my mind busy, and I’m going to be blogging almost every day to keep my emotions and anxiety under control. I have a few craft ideas that I’ve posted about that I want to work on while I wait for Natalia’s arrival. I’m so very excited to meet my baby girl. ❤

Me on my Date Weekend (:

Me on my Date Weekend (:

Nesting Projects

Well, since I need to start relaxing for my last 3 weeks of pregnancy, I figured I would get on Pinterest and find some inspiring ideas to occupy my time. I found quite a few amazing project ideas that I’m going to work on for the next couple of weeks while I wait on the rest of Natalia’s nursery decorations to come in the mail before I finish her bedroom!

Untitled#1. Cord Labels – I definitely need to organize my cables because I have so many that I have NO IDEA which is which! So this will be an easy organization project that will save me a lot of time and frustration. I have plenty of bread bag clips that I’ve been collecting since I pinned this, so I have enough to get started! I might decide to make mine extra cute and color them with a hot pink sharpie! ;D


#2. Toiletry Travel Case – Since I went to Gainesville over the weekend and me and my baby’s father are hours apart, this is the perfect travel case for me to make so I can bring it with me! I can foresee myself traveling a lot in the mere future, so this is definitely a must have for me. I already have cute colorful towels, sewing supplies and ribbon, so there’s no additional shopping I need to do to make this project. (:


#3. Scarf Organizer – I absolutely LOVE this idea. I’ve seen quite a few of these on Pinterest, but this one is by far the cutest one I’ve seen. I want to make one JUST like but in Pink or Turquoise! I can get the shower rings at the Dollar Tree and the pretty ribbon at Walmart. I already have bright colored paint to paint polka dots and the white hanger. So this will be an easy project to organize my scarves. Then once I hang them I will have an extra drawer of space in my closet to add other stuff, like all the additional craft supplies that I have!


#4. Duct Taped Clipboard – This is a simple 5 minute project that I want to make. I just need a clipboard! (Dollar Tree) I have the duct tape, But I also want to add a pretty pink ribbon at the top just to give it my personal girly touch! Then I can hang it on my wall so it will be an easy grab and go kind of thing and also add decoration to my plain walls. ❤


#5. Decorative Storage Tins – Another cute idea I came across that will be easy to make! I like the cheetah print and the black, but I might change it up. I’m not too sure exactly what colors or patterns I want to use, nor what to use them for, but I will figure it out once I start making them. So far, I’m thinking of decorating them with the theme of Natalia’s room and putting them in there for storage and decoration. I could put all my baby-related samples in them, or coupons, maybe even hair bows (although I would rather hang them on the wall). The idea will come to me! I don’t have popcorn tins, but I do have empty coffee tins that I could use.


#6. Oatmeal Can Headband Holder – This idea is very similar to the one prior. I kind of like this one a little better, so I might just blend the two ideas together! I like the fact that you can wrap headbands around this and still be able to open it up to throw in the clips, hair ties and other hair accessories.


#7. Baby Room Door Muff – Awesome idea! I love how cute and purposeful this is. It’s also very easy to make and I have all the materials needed to make it, so this is definitely on the project list!


#8. Convenient Bib Hanger – This is so perfect and what a great place for them to be! Very convenient baby bib organization. All I need is a large stick-on hanger that I can get very cheap pretty much anywhere. *Added to the grocery list. (;


#9. Maternity Photo Idea – I plan to take some professional maternity photos with my baby’s father’s uncle for free and this would be the perfect idea for it. Especially if it is an all black and white photo with the color splash ribbon. This is more of an idea/plan than a project, but it’s definitely on the to-do list!


#10. Healthy Carbonated Beverage – Last but not least an easy delicious beverage recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth and still get the nutrients I need. This delicious blended fruit soda blend will be on my list of drinks to try before I have this baby. (:

So these are my top ten nesting ideas & projects that I want to do while I wait for Natalia’s arrival. I will start my shopping tomorrow afternoon and my next post will look exactly like this one, except they will consist of all MY personal project photos. ♥

Brazilian Dessert <3


This is my mom’s famous Brazilian Brigadeiro’s Recipe. It has been a traditional dessert custom from my mom’s side of the family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are TOO DIE FOR. It only takes 4 simple ingredients and about an hour and a half to make. They are fattening but worth every calorie, I promise. (;

2013-02-25_18-27-05_899 2013-02-25_18-33-21_315 2013-02-25_18-47-23_630 2013-02-25_20-34-43_715Ingredients:

  • 2 cans sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 stick butter (1/2 stick per can)
  • 4 tbsp cocoa powder (or chocolate syrup)
  • Lots of sprinkles!
  • Candy/small cupcake wrappers

NOTE: This makes approximately 100 candies depending on the size you make them.


  1. In a medium saucepan, combine butter, condensed milk and cocoa poweder or syrup. Cook over medium heat for about 20-25 minutes, turning the heat down to medium-low heat after about ten minutes or whenever the sauce starts to bubble vigorously.
  2. Stir consistently, the entire time, no breaks! To make sure you evenly cook the sauce mixture until it becomes a very thick paste. I suggest using a ceramic pot because then the mixture wont stick. But if you don’t have a ceramic pot, a regular one works just fine.
  3. After the sauce becomes a thick paste, remove from heat and let cool down for about 30-45 minutes. DO NOT cool in refrigerator. Let it cool down naturally.
  4. Now this step will take two people, one to make the balls and one to add the sprinkles. But this is totally capable of being a one man job. Just follow directions carefully! Separate all the candy wrappers and have them ready to insert the candies once they are sprinkled. You can set them on a large platter or plate, whatever you have that works.
  5. In a very large shallow bowl, pour all the sprinkles in it. Cover your hands with softened butter so you will be able to roll the mixture into balls. You can use and kind of greaser but butter works the best because its what you used to cook the candies with, so it wont change the flavor.
  6. After you butter your hands, use a small spoon to get a good amount of the dulce de leche mixture (that will fit in the candy wrapper) and roll it into a ball, then place it in the bowl of sprinkles. If you are doing this by yourself, do not start messing with the sprinkles until you have placed all of the candies in there, otherwise you will just make a big huge mess!
  7. Once you’ve finished rolling all the candies, cover them entirely with the sprinkles and place them in their designated wrapper. Then you’re done! I suggest putting them in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes to make them a little hard because they taste better in my opinion. Or if you just can’t wait then go ahead and eat them because they taste good regardless! (:

Pregnancy Post #17 – 36 Weeks


Me @ 36 Weeks ♥

*36 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant Today!
*35 Pounds gained since pre-pregnancy.
*27 Days Until Natalia’s Due Date & Head is Already Down! (:


Before & After Laundry Pics
2 Whole Hours of Washing & Folding Baby Clothes!
They still need to be organized by size and put away. “/

To all my lovely readers, I cannot tell you guys how anxious I have been over the past week (really the whole pregnancy but a lot lately). I am pretty much done doing all the main necessities in the nursery, as I’ve talked about in my last post, however there are still a few touch ups that I still want to do. I even came up with new organizational ideas for the closet. With that said, this morning Natalia’s satin zebra print dresser runner came in the mail this morning! So I wiped down the dresser and neatly placed it on top. Now all I need to do is figure out exactly how I’m going to decorate it. Today I started washing all the baby clothes and did not realize that I have WAY more than I need! I don’t even think Natalia will be able to wear them all before she grows into the next size! This is wonderful because it means she has more than she needs, which makes her the definition of SPOILED, lol. I can honestly say that I am not too much looking forward to doing all this laundry. -_- But I’m glad that I will be able to dress her in a different cute outfit every day though. I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures to add to the baby book and scrapbook.

14730_15124_logoAside from my generous friends that gave me clothes, and my mother and I buying clothes, I attend a Pregnancy Care Center every two weeks that also gave me a TON of clothes yesterday! I am so grateful that there is a pregnancy care center that I can go to that helps you out with everything you need. The people there are so very kind and thoughtful and I will recommend them to anybody and everybody. You go in to watch a video that has to do with pregnancy, prenatal or postnatal, take a short 5-10 question quiz on the video, and they give you “mommy money” which is paper money that you can spend on items from their resource room. This room is filled from wall to wall, floor to ceiling with alllll kinds of baby items imaginable, all donated. Most of the stuff is brand new and hasn’t even been opened. They have everything from bassinets, bouncers, cribs, swings, breast pumps, blankets, baby hygiene (i.e. shampoo, body wash, etc.) diapers, wipes, baby food, TONS of clothes, shoes, socks, hats, bottles, everything you can think of really. So I was able to spend my mommy money on several of these items yesterday and left with all kinds of useful things, for free! I am so thankful that I am going to donate anything I have to them because they deserve it more than anyone I know. I told my care taker, Ms. Bonnie that I am going to spread the word and let everybody I know about them because I think they are the greatest help center I’ve ever known.

index-1I also had a doctor’s appointment yesterday which my mom accompanied me in. We had an ultrasound so we could measure the baby and see where she is positioned. She is already head down, so she could be here any day from now until her due date. I have a feeling that she could be here earlier than her due date! I had to take a Group B Strep test (whatever that is) and should here the results at my next appointment, which from now on will be once every week until Natalia arrives. I weighed in at 145 pounds, which means I’ve gained a whopping 35 since pre-pregnancy. Hopefully I don’t pass the 40 mark! But this is good and it tells me that I have a big, healthy baby girl inside of me.

541163_325046907564304_7558618_nAdditionally, the baby’s father and I have started talking again for about a week now. We are surprisingly getting along really great (so far) and are going to spend this weekend together in Gainesville. He wants to see me and Natalia, take me out and take me shopping because he is also very excited that it’s this close to our daughter being here and he wants to go baby shopping with me. So we will see how this goes. (:

67952_409927185764809_131833834_nBraxton Hicks contractions are definitely happening more frequently and lasting anywhere from 1-3 minutes. Sometimes they can be quite uncomfortable to the point where I have to be real still and stop everything I’m doing. For instance, the other day while I was taking a shower, I was having a mild contraction that was so intense I actually had to sit down in the shower. But then it went away shortly after and I was fine. Now I know what I can expect during the real event. I have a feeling that I’m going to be able to take this like a champ and hopefully not need any pain medication because my goal is to do this whole thing completely natural. I am very optimistic about this pregnancy and going through labor and I think this will be a fast, uncomplicated birthing experience for me.

0003288417390_300X300Next week I plan to install the car seat and pack my hospital bag. The only reason I haven’t packed the hospital bag yet is because I still need to find out what the hospital will provide so I know what NOT to bring, and I don’t quite have everything I want to bring with me yet. I looked up what a typical outfit would be for the mommy to wear home from the hospital because I have a going home outfit for the baby already, but I have NO clue what I’m going to wear! After reading a few forums from other pregnant women, I have made the decision that what sounds the best for me to wear is a cute cheap sun dress. IMG_20130221_202150Some girls mentioned wearing gauchos or yoga pants, but since I will most likely be bleeding, I don’t think I feel comfortable wearing pants; so a dress is the way to go for me. I get more and more excited everyday about Natalia’s arrival and expressing my feelings definitely helps me out a lot with my anxiety. My next post will be about packing my hospital bag so I can give a detailed example to other girls who would have questions about it like I did.

Valentine’s Inspired Nail Art Set No.3

2013-02-19_11-28-44_64 2013-02-19_11-27-56_420I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s still February and love is still in the air! So I did one last Valentine’s Day inspired Nail Art design. As I’ve mentioned before I always start with my toes first so that I don’t mess up my nails trying to paint my toes, lol. I call these Princess toenails because they are just so sparkly and glamorous (and Pink!). I used a bright hot pink polish that I bought from Rue 21, plain black, and plain white. It can be any brand because they are all the same in my opinion. I also used my skinny nail art polishes from the Beauty Supply Store, black and silver. However I had to use a nail art brush to draw the white lines because I don’t have a white color nail art polish. After drawing my diagonal stripes I applied one row of rhinestones on each of my toes alternating which colors to cover up and which ones to leave showing. This is how they turned out! Cute, huh? I’m in love with them. And they look FABULOUS with my new flip flops that I just bought. (:



2013-02-19_19-52-40_39 2013-02-19_19-52-20_33As for my nails, I was going to do one of the cutest nail art designs I have ever seen, but unfortunately 2 of my nails broke, so I had to cut them, therefore I had to choose a different design; one that would look good for short nails. The design I originally wanted to do would only look good on long nails. So I will wait for them to grow back before I do it! This design is super cute though. It’s very girly: baby pink, black and hello kitty! This design was simple but it took a lot of concentration because I’m a perfectionist and I wanted the hearts to come out perfectly. First I painted all my nails a pale, baby pink color, except my ring fingers which I painted black. I then used my dotting tool to draw the eyes and nose for hello kitty’s face. I used a short haired nail art brush to draw the whiskers and then applied the infamous pink bow nail decal. For the other nails I did different sized hearts in different places on my nails with a toothpick so I could make them as small or as big as I wanted. I think they turned out amazing! I would have been more specific about the exact polishes and brushes I used as I usually do, but I am wore out and feeling lazy about it, so I will let YOU choose the colors. (;

Natalia’s Nursery Project


The process of painting the walls.

Wall Pops!

Wall Pops!

Here is the project that I have been/will be working on for the next two weeks: Natalia’s nursery. I still have quite a few things to add to complete her bedroom, including decorating and hanging her name on the wall, ordering and hanging the matching curtains, finishing putting the crib together (after I order the bumper that I thought came with the bed set but didn’t!), decorating the dresser and shelves, and organizing her things in the closet and dresser drawers.

Organization Storage Bins.

Organization Storage Bins.

I still want to order a few little things for her room, like a zebra print light switch plate and outlet covers to match everything else in the room, a couple of cute matching picture frames, some zebra fabric bins to organize the changing table, and some wall pops! I already have everything I want in my shopping cart, now I’m just waiting for the money to be there, lol! But Once I finish her bedroom, I’m going to spend the rest of my pregnancy organizing her baby book and making a baby keepsake box. This should keep me plenty busy until Natalia finally arrives!

Zebra Light Switch Plate.

Zebra Light Switch Plate.

I also have to install the car seat and pack my hospital bag sometime between all that, but everything will get done just like it has been. I am very excited about how her room is turning out and I am so proud of myself because I did everything by myself. I moved the furniture, painted the entire room and everything in it, put the crib, changing table and stroller together, and the end result is very rewarding. Natalia is so spoiled already! She has the cutest room and the cutest clothes to match. I will continue to take pictures of everything I do so I can someday show Natalia how hard mommy worked to make everything perfect for her beloved daughter. ❤

Not quite finished yet, but making good progress!!! (:

Not quite finished yet, but making good progress!!! (:


IMG_20130212_222558Earlier in the week I picked up one of the most important and meaningful documents of my life so far, my high school diploma. I’ve officially completed High School and earned my credits graduating with a 3.7 GPA. I am so proud of myself I don’t even know how to express it. I am literally lost with words. This is the only thing I have gone all the way through with and accomplished so far in my life and let me just tell you that it is a tremendous feeling to have. I now have the golden ticket into the next step in my life: college. Sometime next week I plan to fill out my FAFSA so I can get a start on applying for different colleges to go to a couple months after Natalia is born. I plan to major in Graphic Design because it’s what I love to do and I will make great money doing it.

I unfortunately dropped out in 10th grade, dropped back in the following school year, caught up with all my credits to graduate on time, and sadly didn’t even end up graduating. I was 4.5 credits short of my diploma in 2011. I got involved with friends, boys and partying and goofed off when I should have finished school. Aside from those things I was also going through several hardships that did not help motivate me to finish school. But becoming pregnant with my daughter has given me the motivation I needed to be successful in life so I can provide for her the wonderful life she deserves. I will be the best role model I can be for Natalia and teach her to never give up on her dreams. I will never give up on doing anything that makes me happy and will always strive to be the best at anything I do. And I will teach my daughter the same. I have come such a long way and can proudly say that I’ve achieved something BIG that surprisingly not a lot of people have, especially at my age and being pregnant. I have big dreams and even bigger plans for mine and Natalia’s future, including setting up a savings account for her future college fund, so that we can have the best lives imaginable.

The teacher who helped me with my graduation and gave me my diploma also informed me that she ordered my cap & gown so that I could walk in the graduation ceremony this year in June. So I will finally get to be a part of a meaningful ceremony to celebrate my accomplishment. Although I will be walking with a class of graduates that I don’t know, I will be more than happy to be there for the recognition of my success and will take plenty of pictures to show for it! I am very much looking forward to this celebration, and I’m sure my mom will have some kind of mini celebration at the house when I’m done with my walk. (: