Hot Pink Eye Shadow Tutorial

IMG_20130202_114408This is one of my favorite techniques I’ve EVER used! I saw the idea on a photo I found on Pinterest. I had to try it but I wanted to use my favorite color: Pink, because of the outfit I chose to wear for that day. (:




First, I primed my eyed before applying this pearly white eye shadow as my base color. I then used an angle brush to apply the hot pink eye shadow (Beauty Supply Store $1!) in the shape of my crease but halfway between my lash line and my crease, leaving room for the white color to show after I put on my top liner. I darkened the line as I faded the color out towards my brow line giving my eye a high definition look. 2013-02-01_10-26-05_551I put an even more sparkly white eye shadow from a Maybeline eye shadow palette carefully over the white just to cover any pink dust that fell, and also to make the white part stand out. I then applied liquid top eye liner drawing the cat line in the same shape as the eye shadow line. Finally, put on eyeliner (on top inside lash line and tear duct line) and mascara and now I’m done. At this point I put on my lipstick of choice and some lip gloss, now I’m ready to go!

2013-01-29_15-56-14_625BTW, I just bought Maybeline’s new color whisper lipstick #60 Petal Rebel (It’s a very pale but bright pink) and I just want people to know that it’s not all that’s cracked up to be. If you are like me and like matte type of lipstick, the kind that the color actually shows, then this is not the lipstick you want. You have to almost cake this lipstick on your lips for you to get the color of the actually stick, so I would not recommend it. It’s good for those of you who don’t like bold lip color. So I will use this on a day when I’m going for a more natural look. (:







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