Pregnancy Post #14 – 33 Weeks

  • 33 Weeks & 5 Days Pregnant Today.
  • 142 Pounds; Gained a Total of 31 Pounds since Pre-pregnancy.

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With everything that has been going on for me & Natalia since my last post, I am EXHAUSTED. I spent an  entire week preparing for the baby shower, had the baby shower over the weekend, celebrated my 20th Birthday, and for the past week have been shopping & preparing to finally start on the nursery. I still have a little over a month and a half until Natalia’s due date, but I want to get the room done as soon as possible before I get too big to do anything. I love the idea of playing mommy & daddy because it gives me a sense of independence and it reassures me that I can do everything I need to do to care for my baby, with or without the help of ANY man. And that makes me feel good. (:


I went shopping a few days ago to buy some pink paint and painting supplies so I could start working on Natalia’s dresser, along with some adorable, had-to-get baby items. The dresser I am painting is my old dresser and is in desperate need of a few touch ups. The top is ruined with chipped paint, nail polish, marker stains, etc. I used to be like the typical American teenage girl and draw “I love so and so…Laura & ____ Together Forever” all over my things; in permanent marker. So I need to cover all that up! I got some painter’s tape, and some brushes (I already had the other supplies I will need) to start my project. I spoke with the painting people at Lowes to figure out exactly what paint was best for the dresser I have and got a list of everything from supplies, to preparation, to the actual job itself. I’m so excited about this because I love painting! I plan to start this project this afternoon and hopefully (if I stay persistent) I will have it completely done by the time Monday rolls around. After the dresser is painted, my mom’s bf is going to rip out the carpet in the bedroom and put tile down. When that’s done I’m going to start putting the crib together, setting up the furniture and decorations, and organizing the closet and all the baby items. I don’t have to worry about installing the car seat until another 2 or 3 weeks, so I’m not going to worry about that for now.

birthplanI also had an OB appointment on Tuesday. It was a very fast 10 minute appointment for them to check my weight, heart rate, pulse, and protein levels. They also heard the baby’s heart beat on the Doppler to make sure she is healthy as well. I requested to have one last ultrasound done before the baby is born so I can actually see how big she is and where she is positioned. I thought that’s what they were going to do at this appointment, but I guess I misunderstood. I love my doctor because the nurses there are so very nice. They actually gave me really nice comments at this visit, saying how pleasant I was and how happy I seemed to be, and I confirmed to them that I was definitely extremely happy about everything that has to do with this pregnancy. My nurse and I discussed birthing options and a plan for my laboring and delivery. We both agree that I should do this as natural as I can, which was my ideal birth anyways. I want no medications unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. She informed me that as long as I’m not drinking any fluids, I don’t have to have IV’s running through me, which gives me the freedom to walk around, get in the shower, or whatever it is I feel the need to do at that time. She also informed me about anesthesia, which I told her I was going to try to do without it unless the pain is too unbearable. I know that I will experience pain throughout this experience, but as soon as I see that adorable little face for the first time, the pain will subside immediately. I even had a dream about giving birth and crying tears of the happiest feelings I have ever experienced. That’s how confident I am about this entire birthing process!

Cleaning-suppliesI’ve been on a cleaning spree since I am getting ready to do the nursery. I super cleaned my room, my bathroom, somewhat cleaned Natalia’s room to prepare it for everything, and even cleaned the rest of the house just because I could not sit down! Nesting has DEFINITELY kicked in, but I’m enjoying it because it’s making up for the yoga I’ve been slacking on (which I plan to do tonight before I go to sleep) so at least I’m still getting my exercise. I also want to get started on making a baby box for all Natalia’s keepsakes, including her baby book, as soon as possible. I want to decorate it to match her room so I can display it on a shelf as a decoration. Pinterest is steadily distracting me from actually doing my projects and thinking up new ones. So I think I need to calm down with that a little bit. ;D

lower-incidence-prostate-cancer-coffee-drinkers_235As far as my pregnancy physically and emotionally, I’m continuing to feel good every day. I have no additional stretch marks, which I’m extremely happy about! I actually got a mirror to look under my belly just to make sure, because I can’t see anything below my belly button, lol! I do have this very noticeably dark line running down the center of my belly, which I’ve read about and it’s completely normal. My belly button bulges out and you can see it through some of my shirts. I think it’s the funniest thing ever! I get a kick out of looking at it and playing with it because I’ve never been able to see the inside of my belly button before. It’s getting more and more uncomfortable to bend over. I can hear myself grunting and making funny noises when I struggle to get near the floor or my feet, let alone turning in bed at night. I came home from running errands all day last night and realized I left the coffee pot on by accident, so I decided to make a small cup of coffee to give me a little energy to make something to eat. I will NEVER do that ever again while I’m pregnant. Natalia did not like having coffee so late and started kicking me like crazy, kicks that actually hurt me; and her kicks never hurt me! I had to dance around the kitchen just to distract myself from the pain. It didn’t last very long, thank goodness, but It was definitely something I never experienced before. There is no doubt in my mind that this baby hasn’t turned already (I get the confirmation at the next appointment because it’s an ultrasound!). I can make out what position she’s in based on where she kicks or punches me, lol. She seems to be running out of room because I can feel her in every part of my stomach; it’s kind of weird. But I feel so big already and I still have a month to go. I am SO READY for Natalia to be here already!!! But those are really all of my thoughts for this post, so ta-ta for now! –xoxo<3   :*


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