Valentine’s Day Nails <3

IMG_20130204_235442These are my Valentine’s Day Nail Designs Set #1. I numbered it because I plan on doing at least 3 other Valentine’s Day inspired designs I found on the internet that I just HAVE to try! I really like this design because I think stripes look so cute on nails (it makes them look like present boxes) and it uses the perfect colors for this Holiday: white, light pink, dark pink, and red. It even has a little sparkle on the lips. ;*

2013-02-04_21-14-47_475You can either paint all your nails the same base color (preferably a light color), or you can do what I did and alternate the colors on each of your toes. I did light pink, dark pink, and white on my right foot and then dark pink, white and light pink on my left foot. Then, I used several different sized brushes to draw thin and thick lines in different colors on all of my toes. I thought about just putting stripes on my big toes, leaving my little toes the alternated colors and just adding a rhinestone to the bottom of each toe. Another great thing about this nail design is that you can switch up the patterns, which toes get decorated, and even change out the colors so you can match any holiday!

2013-02-04_17-10-23_493For this design, I used my ruby Kisses French White, Wet n’ Wild Shin’s Tickled Pink, Pure Ice Flirt Alert, Nicolé by OPI’s Stolen Kisses and Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Wedding Crasher. Oh, I can’t forget the top coat: my most frequently used Sally Hansen’s Clear Base & Top coat. I also used several different sized brushes of different brands (all ordered online @ Amazon from Hong Kong) and a small sized dotting tool to draw my kisses. It doesn’t take any special nail decorations, just polish, one brush will do, and a dotting tool. If you don’t have these items, then improvise! You can buy nail art polish at the Dollar Tree for one dollar and use that brush (although you have to clean it every time you use a different color) and instead of paying $8 at Sally’s Beauty Supply on a dotting tool, you can use a toothpick; it works just the same. I buy all my nail art tools online simply because it’s cheaper and you get more for your money. But you can use simple everyday items around the house to save yourself the money. This design took me about an hour to do, not including drying time. So if you have the time and if you’re up to it, try it out! You’ll have the cutest toes ever and you don’t even have to go to the salon. (:


2013-02-05_11-21-53_209As for my nails, I decided to use a different style, the one I thought about for my toes as I mentioned previously. I wanted something that would match my toes because I usually get so excited about nail art that I can’t make a decision on which one to do, so I do one for my nails and a different one for my toes. But this timeee, I’m going to match them. (:

2013-02-04_23-44-36_591First, I painted my nails the alternated colors: light pink, white, dark pink, white, light pink. I apply two coats of each of these colors; after they dry, I used my Milani Silver Dazzle, a sparkly charcoal color, to draw X’s and O’s on my ring fingers in a diagonal pattern. I then used  OPI’s Stolen Kisses to draw 3 kisses on my index fingers. While my kisses dry, I use Pure Ice Beeware, a silver glitter polish to paint glitter tips and then I brought them down to about halfway of my nail as light towards the middle as possible to give it a gradient effect. By this time, my kisses have dried, so now I apply Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Wedding Crasher glitter polish on the lips to make them stand out. I apply three rhinestones on each of my hands in the middle at the very bottom of my thumbs, pinky’s and middle fingers. Last I apply a top coat and let them dry and BAM: my matching Valentine’s Day nails are done. This design was actually really easy and I didn’t even have to look online for an idea, it just kind of came to me after I got done painting my toes. (I’ll probably do that from now on so my idea’s will be more original.) This design took about 35 minutes not including drying time.


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