Light Pink Casual Make-Up


IMG_20130206_224507For a casual day on the streets, I usually just use a two-color eye shadow tone, matching my eye shadow to the color of my outfit for that day. On this day, I used a Light Pink and Silvery-White blend to match my plain white shirt with my pink bandana. This look is really simple, I just used this silvery-white color from my Rue21 eye shadow palette on my entire lid, and then I used the light pink color from the same palette on the ends of my eyelids, bringing the color up in my crease to bring out the color even more. No top eye liner for today because I’m going for a more natural look, so I just line the bottom of my eyes and put on 2 coats of my black Covergirl lash blast mascara. I finished this look off with my new pale pink color whisper lipstick (since it doesn’t show up that much anyways) and some light pink glittery lip gloss. Now I’m ready to hit the mall! ❤ IMG_20130206_224335


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