Law Of Attraction – It Really Works!


It makes me so happy to know that this Law of Attraction thing really works, although I kind of already knew this a long time ago based on my personal experience with writing things down and then them just  showing up in my life. I’ve thrown a few things in my Creative Wish Box since I’ve made it, but haven’t really looked into it that much lately.

A Look Inside My Creation Box!

A Look Inside My Creation Box!

A couple days ago I decided to take a look in it to remember everything I had put in there. To my surprise I realized that a couple of things I put in my box had already manifested and I didn’t even know it! One of the things that manifested was my make-up organizer. I wanted to start with something small and realistic before I try throwing a picture of a house in my box. I couldn’t find a picture that look like what I wanted, so I just wrote it down on a sticky note with a detailed description and a drawing of what I wanted it to look like. It’s just a simple glass container that is a specific shape and height with decorations to hold my make-up brushes. 2013-02-09_20-25-10_533 2013-02-09_20-26-19_752This was manifested without me even realizing that this was in my creative wish box. Now I’m going to sketch a drawing of a reorganization of my entire top dresser and throw that in the box. We will see how long it takes for this to happen in my life! Another thing that manifested was the very first thing I put in my box, which was a sticky note that had $100 on it. That manifested in about a month since I put it in there! The last thing that came into my reality was the perfect sparkling black flip flops that I imagined. All of the things I’m putting into my box are happening in real life and I’m super excited about it! There are some other things in my creation box that I don’t necessarily need right now, such as my car that I want, and I think the Universe knows that I don’t need it right now, but it is creating means for me to get what I want when I need it in the future. So my car, as well as other things, is out their manifesting just waiting on the right time for me to give it the attention I need to attract it into my life.

Not only do I have a real ‘physical’ creative wish box, but I also have an online one. It’s an organized list of all the things I want to get for me and Natalia. I use Microsoft Excel to organize my lists so it can calculate the cost of everything for me on its own. Lately I have been crossing off items left and right that have been on my wish list since I read about the law of attraction. These things are coming into my reality very quickly and it makes me so happy because I am totally confident that I will have every single thing I need before Natalia gets here and more. Not only are things for Natalia getting crossed off, but things for me as well. I am totally convinced that this Universal Law is very real and it works when you let it. I am reading more about this kind of stuff in my Vortex book. This book is more about relationships, but it’s the same concept, using the LOA. Soon I will get so good at attracting things maybe I will attract a million dollar lottery ticket, lol! No, I’m just kidding, all-though that would be nice. ;P



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