Mamãe Feliz Aniversário!

028265be3055dd9598b5ec7e5c4d53Today is my mom’s Birthday. She had some wonderful things to wake up to this morning! First, there was a beautifully hand-made card made by her 1st daughter, meeeee. Then, when she opened it there was a VERY nice surprise in it (now she can go get her nails done!). Lastly, she was greeted with a delicious red velvet cake saying “Happy Birthday Mom” that I bought for her because one, it’s her birthday, and two she has been saying how she has been craving something sweet, and frankly so have I.



She LOVED all her gifts and thanked me telling me how happy she was that I was in her life and she feels like the roles are switched, she’s the daughter and I’m the mom, lol! That woman is too funny. I enjoyed every single part about making this birthday special for my mom because she hasn’t had a special birthday in a long time. I even got all dressed up and pretty, curled my hair and did my make-up real nice to celebrate her big day. She appreciated everything I did for her. Tonight we are going to make brigadeiro’s, a delicious Brazilian candy made of dulce de leche and sprinkles, which is both of our favorite desserts. This will be her birthday activity that we get to spend time doing together. I will post about these on another time so I can add pictures and the recipe along with it. I love my mom with all my heart and I am really glad that I was able to do all these things for her to keep a big smile on her face. (:

Me & My Beautiful Mother (:

A Most Recent Picture of My Mother & I.
From My Baby Shower ❤


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