Valentine’s Day Nails Set No. 2

Time for my second set of Valentine’s Day Nails!
These got a LOT of attention and compliments. (:


2013-02-11_21-21-23_119I used a simple Pink heart design for my toes and a bright sparkling red cupcake design for my nails. The cupcake nails definitely turned out wayyyyyy cuter than my toes in my opinion, although I really do love my toe design. I used the same colors for both except I didn’t use any red on my toes and I didn’t use any sparkling pink on my nails. For these designs you will need the following colors: Sally Hansen’s Heart of Stone, Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Pink Promise, Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Red Carpet, Ruby Kisses French White, and my newest addition to the collection Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat. If you can’t tell I am a HUGE fan of Sally Hansen nail polish. 2013-02-11_21-23-34_859I just love their colors and the quality of the polish. Like they say, you get what you pay for, so I think it’s definitely worth the money. Continuing on, I will start with my toes because they were the easiest of the two. I painted all my toes with 2 coats of the flat pale pink and then with one coat of the sparkling pink. As for the design, I used a toothpick (so it would be small enough) to draw just the outline of a heart with the white polish. I did one heart with a solid outline, one heart with a dotted outline, and then a solid white heart. I also added diminishing dots just to make them a little more decorative. Last I applied a top coat and then I’m done!

2013-02-11_23-30-45_459Now for my nails, I painted them all entirely red with 2 coats, except for my ring fingers. For those I just painted two coats on the tip. It didn’t have to be a perfectly rounded tip either because I was going to paint over it, which is good for me because I’m still learning how to perfect the French manicure painted tips. I don’t have the right brushes to do this with. Anyways, Next I used my biggest dotting tool to make sort of like a cloud with the flat pale pink polish to create the top of my cupcake filling it in entirely. 2013-02-11_23-32-27_275Then I used my toothpick to draw a red heart at the top to decorate the cupcake. Last I added some tiny red and white dots to make them look like sprinkles, and then I also added a couple of rhinestones just to give them some extra sparkle (as if there wasn’t enough). Of course, last comes the top coat and then I’m done! Ever since I read the beauty tip about drying your nails in cold water for 5 minutes, I do it every time I paint my nails just so I can reduce the drying time by at least 50% because I am impatient and always on the go trying to do something. This can be a problem with wet nails. -_-

The designs here are really easy so feel free to try them yourself! (:


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