Valentine’s Inspired Nail Art Set No.3

2013-02-19_11-28-44_64 2013-02-19_11-27-56_420I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s still February and love is still in the air! So I did one last Valentine’s Day inspired Nail Art design. As I’ve mentioned before I always start with my toes first so that I don’t mess up my nails trying to paint my toes, lol. I call these Princess toenails because they are just so sparkly and glamorous (and Pink!). I used a bright hot pink polish that I bought from Rue 21, plain black, and plain white. It can be any brand because they are all the same in my opinion. I also used my skinny nail art polishes from the Beauty Supply Store, black and silver. However I had to use a nail art brush to draw the white lines because I don’t have a white color nail art polish. After drawing my diagonal stripes I applied one row of rhinestones on each of my toes alternating which colors to cover up and which ones to leave showing. This is how they turned out! Cute, huh? I’m in love with them. And they look FABULOUS with my new flip flops that I just bought. (:



2013-02-19_19-52-40_39 2013-02-19_19-52-20_33As for my nails, I was going to do one of the cutest nail art designs I have ever seen, but unfortunately 2 of my nails broke, so I had to cut them, therefore I had to choose a different design; one that would look good for short nails. The design I originally wanted to do would only look good on long nails. So I will wait for them to grow back before I do it! This design is super cute though. It’s very girly: baby pink, black and hello kitty! This design was simple but it took a lot of concentration because I’m a perfectionist and I wanted the hearts to come out perfectly. First I painted all my nails a pale, baby pink color, except my ring fingers which I painted black. I then used my dotting tool to draw the eyes and nose for hello kitty’s face. I used a short haired nail art brush to draw the whiskers and then applied the infamous pink bow nail decal. For the other nails I did different sized hearts in different places on my nails with a toothpick so I could make them as small or as big as I wanted. I think they turned out amazing! I would have been more specific about the exact polishes and brushes I used as I usually do, but I am wore out and feeling lazy about it, so I will let YOU choose the colors. (;


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