DIY Towel Travel Case

This is my super cute travel case to carry my tooth supplies. Props go to Pinterest. (:

I used a small pink hand towel, folded it about a third of the way up, tag inside, then sewed 2 pieces of hot pink ribbon into the seem of the left side of the towel sewing all the way down to keep the section closed. Then I sewed the same pattern 3 more times creating 4 sections to hold all my teeth cleaning supplies. This project took a total of 60 minutes to make and it’s very useful. It can store all your toothbrushes and other tools you use, it keeps everything dry , it’s not nasty like those cheap plastic toothbrush covers that eventually mold your toothbrush and make it stink, and it’s washable! You can make them look so cute too! Just pick a pretty bright colored towel and a matching ribbon with cute designs and then you have everything you need to make your own personalized DIY Towel Travel Case!


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