Pink Cheetah Nail Art – How To

2013-03-06_22-42-16_705These are my super adorable nails that I painted for my maternity shoot! They are pink cheetah designed with a splash of gold. I used Nicole by OPI – Still Into Pink, Nicole by OPI – Dazzle Dazzler (Black), Sally Hansen’s – Golden I, and Sally Hansen’s Clear Base and Top Coat. First I painted all my nails pink except my ring fingers, which I painted gold. I then used my dotting tool to paint gold dots on my middle fingers and pink dots on my ring fingers. Then I used my nail brush to draw black lines around the dots, creating the cheetah print. I also used a toothpick to draw smaller lines on some of the smaller dots. Last I used the brush to make offset black dots to make the print look even more real, finishing them off with a clear coat. The design was very easy and took no time at all to draw! I probably spent a total of 35 minutes including drying time. (:


2013-03-06_22-41-58_545 2013-03-06_22-41-37_777 2013-03-06_22-41-24_289

BTW: I saw a couple of pins on Pinterest related to nail tips. I tried two of them which one worked and one didn’t.

#1: Cooking Spray Instantly Dries Nails – TRUE! It definitely did the trick for me and protected my nails from getting damaged, creased or cut into.

#2: Vinegar Makes Nail Polish Last Longer – FALSE! It did not make my nails last any longer than they would have if I would have painted them without the vinegar. They say you’re supposed to use a cotton ball, soak it in vinegar, swipe it across your nails, let it dry, and then paint over them. This did not work for me. I think it nail polish lasting just depends on the kind of polish you use and how often you use your hands. If you wash dishes constantly, and put things together and use your nails to do things on the regular, your nail polish simply just won’t last that long. However if I find something that actually works, I will let everybody know! (:


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