St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Toe Nail Art

2013-03-15_22-34-09_334My Toe Nail Art to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Aren’t they adorable?! (:

I used Wet N Wild – SaGreena The Teenage Witch, Sally Hansen – Golden-I, and Sally Hansen – Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat. I started by painting all my toenails gold. Then I used my medium sized dotting tool to draw 3 hearts drawing those inwards to create clover petals. I then used a smaller dotting tool to draw just 3 dots close by each other to make a smaller clover on the corner of my big toes. I used a small thin nail art brush to draw the stems on my clovers. Now the hard part: the caviar beads. My advice is that you know ahead of time that this process is very time consuming and takes a lot of patience. This is due to the fact that these beads are completely round tiny balls that are hard to grab and separate, they don’t have flat backs like rhinestones. I did these 39½ weeks pregnant, so my back killed me at the end. So if you’re pregnant, don’t do this! I used clear polish to paint over the entire clover, starting with the large one first and also put clear nail polish on the spinning wheel so I could dip my dotting tool in it to help grab the beads. I had to put the beads in my hand before putting them on because a bunch of them stuck together when I grabbed them. I used 1 sometimes 2 beads and outlined the entire clover with them. After I was finished I used the same process to add caviar beads to my smaller clovers. After I finished those, I used my large light and dark green rhinestones and added them to the bottom centers of my little toes, alternating colors. I finished them off with a clear coat of polish to give it that glossy finish. Now my toes are ready to show off for the Holiday! ❤



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