Expecting Baby Girl Nails ♥

Are you expecting a baby girl? I am! Since her due date is coming up, I thought that the perfect nail design to do this week would be some kind of “baby girl design” to celebrate this special occasion. I combined ideas from 2 different nail art designs that I saw on Pinterest. One of them my Aunt actually posted to my Facebook, and I just thought it was the cutest thing.


2013-03-17_00-01-10_531I used Ruby Kisses French White and Nicole by OPI’s Selena. I started by painted my ring and index fingers white and the rest peach. I did 2 coats of the white and 3 coats of the peach because it was so light. But I painted very thin coats because if your nail polish is too thick, it will take HOURS to dry all the way and it could form bubbles. I then used my large dotting tool to draw dots on all the peach nails. I used the same sized dotting tool to draw the base of a footprint with the peach color on my ring fingers. I then used my smallest dotting tool to draw 5 smaller dots across the top to make little toes. Then I used my peach nail polish to pain just the corner of ring fingers, the large dotting tool to draw 2 dots creating bear ears, the same size dotter to draw a white dot to make the base of the bear nose, a smaller sized dotting tool to make 2 black dots for the eyes and then one on the white dot to make the nose. Last I used a toothpick dipped in white polish to add centers of the eyes to give it a more realistic look, finishing them off with a clear coat painting the side with the black eyes last so the polish would not get on the rest of my nails. When you apply a clear coat, ALWAYS wait about 5 or ten minutes for your nails to dry before painting the clear coat because when using white nail polish with other dark colors, if you paint with the clear polish too soon, or if you go over it more than once, it will mix your polishes and mess you nails all up. Trust me I learned this the hard way quite a few times. Just a tip to save you trouble, time and frustration. (:



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