Gradient Rainbow Accent Nails

Here is yet another one of my late posts. Sorry for being so behind with my blogging schedule. Things are a lot different with a baby in the picture. (:
I usually get my nail art inspiration from online photos and samples. However this design came 100% out of MY imagination and I think they turned out quite amazing, especially this being my very first time attempting gradient nail art. I used neon rainbow colors for the accent nails, three on each. I made the effect by painting a strip of each color next to each other on a sticky note, then used a makeup sponge to dab onto the paper and then onto my nail. I had to repeat this process about 4 times to get the color to show up real good. I also painted the nails white FIRST so that the color would show at its brightest. The rest of the nails I painted black to match the zebra print stripes color that I used my nail art polish to draw. Here’s the final project:

IMG_20130428_152412_837 IMG_20130428_152513_641I will post a tutorial later on. But if you can’t wait for it, simply go online to and search “gradient nails how to”. Millions of tutorial videos will pop up for you to watch and learn for yourself. (:


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