Gradient/Ombré Nails Tutorial

IMG_20130517_194711Ever since last week when I learned how to do ombré nails, I became obsessed. The way the colors just blend together look totally awesome. It’s extremely different, exotic even. I love it! This week, I blended a series of warm colors: bright pink orange & yellow. I took pictures showing the steps I took to blend the colors.

First I painted my nails completely white so that the colors would show up real bright. Then I used a sticky note (you can use any piece of paper) to paint the colors on. Next, I used a makeup sponge to dab into the nail polish on the paper onto my white nails. I had to repeat this process several (about 4 or 5) times to fill it in completely and the blend properly. Lastly I painted a clear glittery coat on them to make them sparkle and to fill in the “spongy dots” on my nails, giving them a flat, shiny, glittery look. I also alternated the colors, doing the opposite for every other nail as you can see. It was fairly easy and a little time consuming, but very worth the outcome because they look AMAZING and ready for summer! (:



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