DIY Glitter Magnets

Pinterest has got to be the most addicting website on the internet! What could be better than a social network site that is nothing but a bunch countless pictures from different people all over the world with some of the most amazing ideas?! I pin all kinds of pics on a regular basis that give me such inspiration to just do things. I think I pinned more than I could do in a lifetime, lol! Well anyways, I came across this really cute project that takes very little time. It’s very girly, prissy and stylish, definitely for the ladies that love sparkles like me. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • IMG_20130524_174317_927 IMG_20130524_174613_203 IMG_20130524_184753_320 Mod Podge (Walmart Prices may vary [$3-7]
  • Foam Brush ($2 for 3-pack @ Walmart)
  • Stick-On Magnets ($3 and some change @ Walmart)
  • Fine Glitter ($1 per tube [variety of colors] at Sally’s Beauty Supply or buy a pack of 5 tubes for $5 @ Walmart)
  • Bag of Clear Stones ($1 @ Dollar Tree)


Take a foam brush and paint a thin layer of mod podge over the flat back of the stone.

Pour glitter over wet glue to cover entirely.

Flick the other side of the stone upside down to get the excess glitter off before painting another thin layer of mod podge over the glitter.

After it’s completely dried, add a magnet to the back.

You’re done! See how simple that was? It’s so adorable too, giving your magnetic board a little extra dazzle to it. ;D
Also, you can use different things to decorate your magnets besides glitter. Pictures, scrapbook paper, newsprint, and other neat things can also be cut to size and glued to your stone to make your own personalized magnets. I might make some letter magnets for Natalia to use when she’s old enough as one of my homeschooling ideas!



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