Strawberry Nails & Watermelon Toes


I was thinking about some cute summer designs for my nails this week, so I googled and pinterested and found some a really cute idea: Strawberries & watermelons! They’re the perfect summer fruits and I love the bright red color.

First I paint all my toes and nails red (2 coats) and then let them dry completely. I then used my emerald green polish to paint tips on my toes while using a nail art brush to draw triangle tips on my nails for the strawberry leaves. I then used my white nail art polish to draw a line across each of my toes separating the tip from the base. Lase I used a nail art brush to draw seeds on my toes for the watermelons and used a dotting tool to draw black dots for the seeds of my strawberry nails. Most of the pictures I saw of the strawberry nails used white for the seed color, but I didn’t really think the color went well, so I used black instead which turned out looking MUCH better.



One thought on “Strawberry Nails & Watermelon Toes

  1. Those are absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no talent when it comes to doing my own nails. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

    Love your blog!

    Twitter: @LiveLau57379791

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