Nursery Project Complete!

Natalia’s room is finally finished!!! I’m so proud of my hard work. I painted her entire room, night table and dresser, handmade her night table runner and most of her decorations. I also spent LOTS of money with all the “extras” to make this nursery absolutely perfect for my baby girl. Sadly, she will be 3 months in 3 days and is JUST now starting to spend time in her own room, lol!

IMG_20130605_173950_830 IMG_20130605_173547_091 IMG_20130605_173601_971 IMG_20130605_173621_056 IMG_20130605_173537_992 IMG_20130605_173529_326 IMG_20130605_173518_446 IMG_20130605_173643_138 IMG_20130605_173726_867 IMG_20130605_173737_695 IMG_20130605_173653_971 IMG_20130605_173813_196 IMG_20130605_173839_034 IMG_20130605_173932_159 IMG_20130605_173915_614 IMG_20130605_173923_238 IMG_20130605_173632_536 2013-03-16_12-37-05_220 IMG_20130605_173940_321 2013-03-16_12-37-21_806 2013-03-05_15-19-36_590 IMG_20130605_174002_387 IMG_20130605_174046_875 IMG_20130605_174033_203

Variety of Nail Art by Yours Truly

First, I just want to apologize for such a delay in my postings. I’ve been so busy with my daughter going back and forth out of town visiting with her father that I seem not to have the time to share a quick post! But that’s about to change, because I miss blogging dearly. On that note, here are my latest nail art designs that I have yet to blog about. Unfortunately I will not have a “how to” description/tutorial to share since I’m so far behind. But I will blog a tutorial if requested, just let me know! ❤

Nude Gradient Glitter Toenails

Nude Gradient Glitter Toenails

Gradient Glitter Tips on Nude - Sally Hansen

Gradient Glitter Tips on Nude – Sally Hansen

4th of July Holiday Toes

4th of July Holiday Toes

4th of July Holiday Nail Art

4th of July Holiday Nail Art – Fireworks

Patriotic Nail Art

Patriotic Nail Art

I Painted My Step-Sister's Nails Pink Leopard

I Painted My Step-Sister’s Nails Pink Leopard

Exotic Nail Art

Exotic Nail Art

Variety Toe Nail Art

Variety Toe Nail Art

Barbie Pink Diva Nails

Barbie Pink Diva Nails

Strawberry Nails & Watermelon Toes


I was thinking about some cute summer designs for my nails this week, so I googled and pinterested and found some a really cute idea: Strawberries & watermelons! They’re the perfect summer fruits and I love the bright red color.

First I paint all my toes and nails red (2 coats) and then let them dry completely. I then used my emerald green polish to paint tips on my toes while using a nail art brush to draw triangle tips on my nails for the strawberry leaves. I then used my white nail art polish to draw a line across each of my toes separating the tip from the base. Lase I used a nail art brush to draw seeds on my toes for the watermelons and used a dotting tool to draw black dots for the seeds of my strawberry nails. Most of the pictures I saw of the strawberry nails used white for the seed color, but I didn’t really think the color went well, so I used black instead which turned out looking MUCH better.


DIY Glitter Magnets

Pinterest has got to be the most addicting website on the internet! What could be better than a social network site that is nothing but a bunch countless pictures from different people all over the world with some of the most amazing ideas?! I pin all kinds of pics on a regular basis that give me such inspiration to just do things. I think I pinned more than I could do in a lifetime, lol! Well anyways, I came across this really cute project that takes very little time. It’s very girly, prissy and stylish, definitely for the ladies that love sparkles like me. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • IMG_20130524_174317_927 IMG_20130524_174613_203 IMG_20130524_184753_320 Mod Podge (Walmart Prices may vary [$3-7]
  • Foam Brush ($2 for 3-pack @ Walmart)
  • Stick-On Magnets ($3 and some change @ Walmart)
  • Fine Glitter ($1 per tube [variety of colors] at Sally’s Beauty Supply or buy a pack of 5 tubes for $5 @ Walmart)
  • Bag of Clear Stones ($1 @ Dollar Tree)


Take a foam brush and paint a thin layer of mod podge over the flat back of the stone.

Pour glitter over wet glue to cover entirely.

Flick the other side of the stone upside down to get the excess glitter off before painting another thin layer of mod podge over the glitter.

After it’s completely dried, add a magnet to the back.

You’re done! See how simple that was? It’s so adorable too, giving your magnetic board a little extra dazzle to it. ;D
Also, you can use different things to decorate your magnets besides glitter. Pictures, scrapbook paper, newsprint, and other neat things can also be cut to size and glued to your stone to make your own personalized magnets. I might make some letter magnets for Natalia to use when she’s old enough as one of my homeschooling ideas!


French Tips & Glitter

IMG_20130530_210825_272Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I’ve ever attempted painting white tips and I must say I think I was born for this! I used a plain white polish (2 coats) and painted half of all my nails white. I then used a q-tip in a circular motion to create in arch for the tips by removing the excess polish with polish remover. Afterwards, I painted 2 coats of blue glitter polish underneath the tips and finished with a clear top coat. Aren’t they glamorous?!


DIY Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

IMG_20130527_225856_068     Okay my Florida people; it’s that time of the year! The sun is out, the weather is warming up, the beaches are getting packed, and social networks are being blown up with pictures of people under the sun in their bikinis! Although I love the cold weather because my hair stays perfect and my makeup actually stays on my face, however I also love lying under the sun, getting tan and cooling off in the salty ocean waves. While browsing Pinterest, as I so often do, I came across another DIY project that I just HAD to do. I know I’m not the only girl who hates those big, baggy, saggy granny panty bikini bottoms that create the ugliest tan lines of mankind, and if you try to buy “cheeky” bikini bottoms, or thongs even if you’re shameless, they’re pretty pricy ($30+). Not to mention the fact that I’m Brazilian and in Rio de Janeiro EVERYBODY walks around in thongs, speedos, even naked! I would never do any of that here in America, so I’ll do the next best thing: cheeky bikini bottoms! So here’s a simple solution: DIY Bikini Ruching. If I would’ve done it right the first time, the whole process would have only taken 15 minutes. But, that wasn’t the case for me. IMG_20130527_212224_529 IMG_20130527_213114_844 IMG_20130527_220454_755 IMG_20130527_223201_300 IMG_20130527_223311_346To start you will need a pair of bikini bottoms of your preference, a needle, thread the same color as the bottoms, a pen and scissors. The first time I attempted this, I only used one thread and it broke instantly. The second time, I used 2 threads and it lasted up until I tried them on and adjusted them, and then SNAP! That broke too… the third times a charm! I tediously fit THREE pieces of thread through that itty bitty needle hole (successfully) and start my sewing. Before I add any extra details, let me tell you the step by step process:

Just underneath the tag, make a tiny dot with your pen about ¼ of an inch away from the top seam. Continue drawing little dots straight down the middle a ¼ inch spaced between each dot. This is so you know where to put your needle. You can make the dots thinner or wider apart if you’d like depending on what you want it to look like. (The longer the distance, the bigger the ruch.)

Put your 3 threads (or 1 thick piece of thread if you have any [about 10” in length]) through the needle and tie a knot at the bottom.

Starting from the INSIDE of the bottoms, poke the needle through the top seam so the needle comes out on the outside. Then poke it back through down to the next dot. Do this consecutively until it’s at your desired ruch size. You can test this by pulling the threads to see how much up they will go, then pull the bottoms back to continue if needed. If it’s too much ruched, take out a dot or two. If it’s not enough, continue the process by poking through more dots.

When finished, cut the thread AT THE VERY END BY THE NEEDLE so you have plenty of string to use to tie the end knot. After you cut the thread by the needle grab three threads in each hand and tie 3 good, tight knots to secure the ruch. Cut the excess thread and viola, you have brand new cheeky bikini bottoms! FOR FREE (:


Beautiful Sunset Toenail Art

IMG_20130518_165858_585These are by far my favorite themed toes that I’ve ever painted. It’s like the more I do it, the better I get! They turned out so cute I hope they last a long time. I posted a gradient/ombré tutorial in my last post. I used that process to create the sunset look using the same warm colors, but not neon. I also used my black nail art polish to draw the palm trees and birds. This was a very easy design to draw, just a little time consuming because of the gradient process. I had to paint all my toes white first and then sponge them each at least 4 times. Now I have the perfect toes to show off at the beach this summer! ❤

IMG_20130518_165908_662 IMG_20130518_165936_946 IMG_20130518_165949_572