Nursery Project Complete!

Natalia’s room is finally finished!!! I’m so proud of my hard work. I painted her entire room, night table and dresser, handmade her night table runner and most of her decorations. I also spent LOTS of money with all the “extras” to make this nursery absolutely perfect for my baby girl. Sadly, she will be 3 months in 3 days and is JUST now starting to spend time in her own room, lol!

IMG_20130605_173950_830 IMG_20130605_173547_091 IMG_20130605_173601_971 IMG_20130605_173621_056 IMG_20130605_173537_992 IMG_20130605_173529_326 IMG_20130605_173518_446 IMG_20130605_173643_138 IMG_20130605_173726_867 IMG_20130605_173737_695 IMG_20130605_173653_971 IMG_20130605_173813_196 IMG_20130605_173839_034 IMG_20130605_173932_159 IMG_20130605_173915_614 IMG_20130605_173923_238 IMG_20130605_173632_536 2013-03-16_12-37-05_220 IMG_20130605_173940_321 2013-03-16_12-37-21_806 2013-03-05_15-19-36_590 IMG_20130605_174002_387 IMG_20130605_174046_875 IMG_20130605_174033_203


Variety of Nail Art by Yours Truly

First, I just want to apologize for such a delay in my postings. I’ve been so busy with my daughter going back and forth out of town visiting with her father that I seem not to have the time to share a quick post! But that’s about to change, because I miss blogging dearly. On that note, here are my latest nail art designs that I have yet to blog about. Unfortunately I will not have a “how to” description/tutorial to share since I’m so far behind. But I will blog a tutorial if requested, just let me know! ❤

Nude Gradient Glitter Toenails

Nude Gradient Glitter Toenails

Gradient Glitter Tips on Nude - Sally Hansen

Gradient Glitter Tips on Nude – Sally Hansen

4th of July Holiday Toes

4th of July Holiday Toes

4th of July Holiday Nail Art

4th of July Holiday Nail Art – Fireworks

Patriotic Nail Art

Patriotic Nail Art

I Painted My Step-Sister's Nails Pink Leopard

I Painted My Step-Sister’s Nails Pink Leopard

Exotic Nail Art

Exotic Nail Art

Variety Toe Nail Art

Variety Toe Nail Art

Barbie Pink Diva Nails

Barbie Pink Diva Nails

Strawberry Nails & Watermelon Toes


I was thinking about some cute summer designs for my nails this week, so I googled and pinterested and found some a really cute idea: Strawberries & watermelons! They’re the perfect summer fruits and I love the bright red color.

First I paint all my toes and nails red (2 coats) and then let them dry completely. I then used my emerald green polish to paint tips on my toes while using a nail art brush to draw triangle tips on my nails for the strawberry leaves. I then used my white nail art polish to draw a line across each of my toes separating the tip from the base. Lase I used a nail art brush to draw seeds on my toes for the watermelons and used a dotting tool to draw black dots for the seeds of my strawberry nails. Most of the pictures I saw of the strawberry nails used white for the seed color, but I didn’t really think the color went well, so I used black instead which turned out looking MUCH better.


French Tips & Glitter

IMG_20130530_210825_272Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I’ve ever attempted painting white tips and I must say I think I was born for this! I used a plain white polish (2 coats) and painted half of all my nails white. I then used a q-tip in a circular motion to create in arch for the tips by removing the excess polish with polish remover. Afterwards, I painted 2 coats of blue glitter polish underneath the tips and finished with a clear top coat. Aren’t they glamorous?!


Beautiful Sunset Toenail Art

IMG_20130518_165858_585These are by far my favorite themed toes that I’ve ever painted. It’s like the more I do it, the better I get! They turned out so cute I hope they last a long time. I posted a gradient/ombré tutorial in my last post. I used that process to create the sunset look using the same warm colors, but not neon. I also used my black nail art polish to draw the palm trees and birds. This was a very easy design to draw, just a little time consuming because of the gradient process. I had to paint all my toes white first and then sponge them each at least 4 times. Now I have the perfect toes to show off at the beach this summer! ❤

IMG_20130518_165908_662 IMG_20130518_165936_946 IMG_20130518_165949_572

Gradient/Ombré Nails Tutorial

IMG_20130517_194711Ever since last week when I learned how to do ombré nails, I became obsessed. The way the colors just blend together look totally awesome. It’s extremely different, exotic even. I love it! This week, I blended a series of warm colors: bright pink orange & yellow. I took pictures showing the steps I took to blend the colors.

First I painted my nails completely white so that the colors would show up real bright. Then I used a sticky note (you can use any piece of paper) to paint the colors on. Next, I used a makeup sponge to dab into the nail polish on the paper onto my white nails. I had to repeat this process several (about 4 or 5) times to fill it in completely and the blend properly. Lastly I painted a clear glittery coat on them to make them sparkle and to fill in the “spongy dots” on my nails, giving them a flat, shiny, glittery look. I also alternated the colors, doing the opposite for every other nail as you can see. It was fairly easy and a little time consuming, but very worth the outcome because they look AMAZING and ready for summer! (:


Bright Summer Toenails

I’m WAYYYYYYY too excited about summer, even more than usual. It could be because I just bought the hottest bikini EVER to wear to the beach, or it could be because I have a new little companion to bring with me, my daughter Natalia. (:
Anyways, I decided that bright neon colors were appropriate for the “summer” theme. I usually don’t like toe nail designs that every toenail is a different color, but I have grown to love this! I even added a few rhinestones to dazzle them up. ❤