Pregnancy Post # 19 – 38 Weeks

37 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant Photo

37 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant Photo – Please excuse the dirty mirror.

*38 Weeks & 2 Days Today!
*147 Pounds :  37 Gained Since Pre-Pregnancy

I had my weekly Doctor’s Appointment today and was happy to find out that I am already 1cm. dilated! Which means I’m 1cm. closer to seeing my precious baby girl. This appointment was very short, I was in an out in about a half an hour and am scheduled to come in again next week for another pelvic exam to see Natalia’s progress.

Nervous WreckI also was scheduled for my biweekly Pregnancy Care Class appointment today, so I went there straight from my Doctor’s appointment. I learned a lot of need-to-know information about caring for your newborn. I relearned some things that I already knew, and learned new information that I’m thankful to know now! Also, a nursing student who is studying for her bachelors degree was there today and we spent about an hour and a half talking about baby care, birth and labor, and how to deal with your crying baby. She was 32 weeks pregnant with twin girls! So it was very interesting to have a talk with her. She also already had one daughter, so I asked her all about her labor experience, because now that I’m getting closer to the due date, I’m getting a little nervous about how I’m going to go through this. Her personal experience definitely helped ease my worries about giving birth, but even more so the after-birth. I am not looking forward to the breast pain that I’m going to experience when I get “engorged”, actually I might be even more nervous about that than the labor itself, lol!


My Super Cute Diaper Bag! (:

So I asked her all about that and she gave me a few good tips on how to deal with it. I feel very good to be able to talk to other mothers who have gone through what I am about to go through. It helps me to feel more confident about giving birth and caring for my baby. Also, I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but this care class that I attend gives you paper money for every appointment, which you can use to purchase things in their resource room. I’ve accumulated enough to buy an entire bassinet, which I’m going to get for my baby daddy since he doesn’t have anything for the baby to sleep in yet. I figured I could help him save that money and then he can spend it on me! ;D

2013-03-05_15-03-32_308Yesterday my adorable pink and zebra diaper bag, electrical breast pump and Natalia’s zebra print light switch plate finally came in the mail. I am totally in love with the diaper bag! It’s HUGE so it will carry everything I need, not to mention how stylish it is. It looks exactly like it did in the picture, so I am very satisfied with my (actually daddy’s) purchase. I am now waiting for the storage bins, the electrical outlet covers, the hair bows and hair bow organizer, the zebra print picture frames, the wall pops, hamper, and zebra baby shoes to come in and then that will be everything I need to complete the nursery. 2013-03-05_15-19-36_590I’m still trying to find things I can get to decorate the dresser, although I don’t want to clutter it because I have pink rhinestone scatters all over it. Besides, it’s not like her bedroom is going to have an audience anyways. Once the room is finally finished I’m going to make a tour video of it because the room is small and it’s kind of hard to take pictures of every little detail. So I’m just going to make a video showing everything off! By that time, Natalia will be born, so she’s going to be in her first video as well! (:

Baby daddy and I have been getting along very well since we spent the weekend together a couple weeks ago in Gainesville. In fact, when the baby is born he is going to take a whole week off of work to stay with me and the baby at my mom’s house. He wants to be around the baby for the first week of her being born so that she recognizes who her daddy is. He also wants to help me keep up with things around the house and make sure I get plenty of rest because he knows I will be feeling very tired post-pregnancy. 2013-03-05_15-03-42_591I am very appreciative of the way that he is behaving towards me and am surprised but happy about his attitude towards the baby and taking care of us once she gets here. We are going to continue living in separate households until he gets a house, which should be no later than the end of this year. He is being extremely sweet and helpful to me, getting me everything I need for the myself and the baby, offering to clean and cook for me in the first week of my being home after labor, and taking me out so that I’m not cooped up in the house all day. I really am enjoying the new and improved him and I’m happy to say that he has definitely exceeded my expectations.

IMG_20130304_010358This weekend we have plans to take professional maternity pictures. His uncle, who is a professional photographer, will be shooting a set of photos, and one of my good friends has asked me to be her maternity model for her portfolio. I proudly accepted her request and am going on a shopping spree this Friday with baby daddy to buy outfits for the shoot. So I have a busy weekend ahead of me that I am looking forward to!

After my eventful weekend, I am not planning to go out at all anymore unless absolutely necessary. I feel the need to be at home saving my energy for labor as I get closer to the due date.

EPIDURAL-PARTOAs far as my body and emotions, I am trying my best to remain calm as time passes by what seems like very quickly! I am extremely anxious and a little nervous about giving birth, especially because I have been feeling very strong Braxton hicks contractions. I can feel the baby moving inside of me near my upper thighs and it is so intense that it literally makes me want to just fall to the ground. I was fully aware that the contractions would get stronger and happen more frequently as I got bigger, but I had no idea that they would be SO uncomfortable! Sometimes, it paralyzes me and makes me not want to move at all for like 5 minutes straight. I’m getting more convinced that I might be getting an epidural, but I’m going to try my hardest to be a soldier and stick out the pain as long as I can. I will only settle for an epidural if the pain is ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE and has me in tears, because I saw a video demonstrating a doctor giving an epidural and I do NOT want that big ass hollow needle going into my back! Especially when there are rumors that half the time, the epidural only numbs you halfway. But we will see what happens, I am hoping for the best!

imagesI’m going to continue doing my prenatal yoga all the way up until the very end. I read that this also helps induce labor. I am also going to try to refrain from thinking about any negative thoughts about giving birth because I want this to be a happy experience for me, even though I know it will be painful, but only for the periods of contracting and pushing. Once I see my beautiful baby girls face, I will forget all about the pain, and I am looking forward to that moment. ❤

38 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo

38 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo


Pregnancy Post #17 – 36 Weeks


Me @ 36 Weeks ♥

*36 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant Today!
*35 Pounds gained since pre-pregnancy.
*27 Days Until Natalia’s Due Date & Head is Already Down! (:


Before & After Laundry Pics
2 Whole Hours of Washing & Folding Baby Clothes!
They still need to be organized by size and put away. “/

To all my lovely readers, I cannot tell you guys how anxious I have been over the past week (really the whole pregnancy but a lot lately). I am pretty much done doing all the main necessities in the nursery, as I’ve talked about in my last post, however there are still a few touch ups that I still want to do. I even came up with new organizational ideas for the closet. With that said, this morning Natalia’s satin zebra print dresser runner came in the mail this morning! So I wiped down the dresser and neatly placed it on top. Now all I need to do is figure out exactly how I’m going to decorate it. Today I started washing all the baby clothes and did not realize that I have WAY more than I need! I don’t even think Natalia will be able to wear them all before she grows into the next size! This is wonderful because it means she has more than she needs, which makes her the definition of SPOILED, lol. I can honestly say that I am not too much looking forward to doing all this laundry. -_- But I’m glad that I will be able to dress her in a different cute outfit every day though. I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures to add to the baby book and scrapbook.

14730_15124_logoAside from my generous friends that gave me clothes, and my mother and I buying clothes, I attend a Pregnancy Care Center every two weeks that also gave me a TON of clothes yesterday! I am so grateful that there is a pregnancy care center that I can go to that helps you out with everything you need. The people there are so very kind and thoughtful and I will recommend them to anybody and everybody. You go in to watch a video that has to do with pregnancy, prenatal or postnatal, take a short 5-10 question quiz on the video, and they give you “mommy money” which is paper money that you can spend on items from their resource room. This room is filled from wall to wall, floor to ceiling with alllll kinds of baby items imaginable, all donated. Most of the stuff is brand new and hasn’t even been opened. They have everything from bassinets, bouncers, cribs, swings, breast pumps, blankets, baby hygiene (i.e. shampoo, body wash, etc.) diapers, wipes, baby food, TONS of clothes, shoes, socks, hats, bottles, everything you can think of really. So I was able to spend my mommy money on several of these items yesterday and left with all kinds of useful things, for free! I am so thankful that I am going to donate anything I have to them because they deserve it more than anyone I know. I told my care taker, Ms. Bonnie that I am going to spread the word and let everybody I know about them because I think they are the greatest help center I’ve ever known.

index-1I also had a doctor’s appointment yesterday which my mom accompanied me in. We had an ultrasound so we could measure the baby and see where she is positioned. She is already head down, so she could be here any day from now until her due date. I have a feeling that she could be here earlier than her due date! I had to take a Group B Strep test (whatever that is) and should here the results at my next appointment, which from now on will be once every week until Natalia arrives. I weighed in at 145 pounds, which means I’ve gained a whopping 35 since pre-pregnancy. Hopefully I don’t pass the 40 mark! But this is good and it tells me that I have a big, healthy baby girl inside of me.

541163_325046907564304_7558618_nAdditionally, the baby’s father and I have started talking again for about a week now. We are surprisingly getting along really great (so far) and are going to spend this weekend together in Gainesville. He wants to see me and Natalia, take me out and take me shopping because he is also very excited that it’s this close to our daughter being here and he wants to go baby shopping with me. So we will see how this goes. (:

67952_409927185764809_131833834_nBraxton Hicks contractions are definitely happening more frequently and lasting anywhere from 1-3 minutes. Sometimes they can be quite uncomfortable to the point where I have to be real still and stop everything I’m doing. For instance, the other day while I was taking a shower, I was having a mild contraction that was so intense I actually had to sit down in the shower. But then it went away shortly after and I was fine. Now I know what I can expect during the real event. I have a feeling that I’m going to be able to take this like a champ and hopefully not need any pain medication because my goal is to do this whole thing completely natural. I am very optimistic about this pregnancy and going through labor and I think this will be a fast, uncomplicated birthing experience for me.

0003288417390_300X300Next week I plan to install the car seat and pack my hospital bag. The only reason I haven’t packed the hospital bag yet is because I still need to find out what the hospital will provide so I know what NOT to bring, and I don’t quite have everything I want to bring with me yet. I looked up what a typical outfit would be for the mommy to wear home from the hospital because I have a going home outfit for the baby already, but I have NO clue what I’m going to wear! After reading a few forums from other pregnant women, I have made the decision that what sounds the best for me to wear is a cute cheap sun dress. IMG_20130221_202150Some girls mentioned wearing gauchos or yoga pants, but since I will most likely be bleeding, I don’t think I feel comfortable wearing pants; so a dress is the way to go for me. I get more and more excited everyday about Natalia’s arrival and expressing my feelings definitely helps me out a lot with my anxiety. My next post will be about packing my hospital bag so I can give a detailed example to other girls who would have questions about it like I did.