Waffles, Waffles, Waffles!

2013-03-17_12-57-33_902 2013-03-02_11-44-05_3312013-03-22_13-14-34_164Waffles are one of my absolute favorite meals to eat for breakfast, or any time of the day really. I LOVE these things! I want to learn how to make them from scratch, but in the mean time I will just eat the frozen ones, even though they are bad for you and the ones from scratch would taste so much better! Actually, when I finally find a good waffle recipe, I will just make a whole bunch of them and freeze my own. Anyways, throughout my youth I have discovered many different ways to eat my waffles, depending on my craving. You can eat them with jelly and butter, peanut butter and jelly (makes a good sandwich too!), peanut butter and pancake syrup, chocolate chips and pancake syrup, and plenty more! You can add fruit on top of it to make it a healthy meal, or you can eat them plain with just syrup, or butter whichever you prefer. It’s a fun, easy meal that is suitable for any time of the day. (: