Slow Cooked Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

I’ve had this mean craving for chicken enchiladas lately, so I made some for dinner last night! I would go on and on about how freakin’ delicious it was, but I will leave you readers with the recipe so you can just try them yourself! ;D
NOTE: If you plan to make this for dinner, you have to prep the day before by taking the chicken out if it’s frozen so you can start cooking it when you wake up in the morning. Also, this recipe is enough to serve 3 people twice, or 6, depending on how much everyone will eat. It only makes 3 extra-large enchiladas that you can cut in half, which is what I did.
One more thing! You could just cook the chicken in the pan with the sauce, but I recommend putting it in the crock pot because it makes the chicken so tender, it falls right off the bone. This makes it easier to shred. (:

2013-03-14_15-47-01_927 2013-03-14_16-22-05_100 2013-03-14_16-33-53_462 2013-03-14_16-35-50_40 2013-03-14_17-48-15_739Ingredients:

  • 10” Flour Tortillas
  • Pack of 4 chicken breasts (Sorry, idk the weight just the package I bought. I recommend boneless&skinless, unless you want to spend extra time pulling that stuff off!)
  • 1 10oz. can Enchilada Sauce
  • Handful of Black Olives (optional)
  • 1½ cup shredded cheese of your choice (I used Mexican Blend)
  • 2 tbsp. Sour Cream
  • 2 tbsp. Softened/Whipped Cream Cheese
  • 1 tbsp. Cilantro
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • ½ Large Onion


  1. Cook the chicken in a crock pot filled with the entire can of enchilada sauce, sautéed garlic, onion and cilantro. Cook on the low setting that says 8 hours. (It will not take an entire 8 hours to cook)
  2. About 6 hours later, take the chicken out leaving the juices in the crock-pot, and put your chicken in a large plate where you will have plenty of room to pull it apart using 2 forks. Before you start shredding, preheat your oven to 350°F.
  3. After your chicken is shredded, get a separate bowl and mix together the sour cream, cream cheese, and ½ cup of shredded cheese. I also added diced black olives but you can leave them out or replace them with jalapeños if you like your enchiladas spicy. Once mixed add your chicken.
  4. In a 10” by 12” baking dish, pour a ¼ cup of the enchilada sauce from the crock-pot, just enough to cover the bottom so your tortillas don’t burn.
  5. On a flour tortilla, fill it with a generous amount of your cheesy chicken mixture, roll it up, and place it flap side down into your baking dish. Repeat until mixture is finished.
  6. Pour the rest of the enchilada sauce on top of your enchiladas. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and top with remaining cup of shredded cheese. Bake for 5 more minutes to melt the cheese. Remove from oven, let cool, and serve.
  7. You can add anything you like on top: sour cream, guacamole, pieces of cilantro for looks and zesty taste, tomatoes, chiles, more olives, whatever you like! Serve with a side of rice and beans to have the full authentic Mexican Enchilada dinner! My mom made her special made Brazilian style white rice that I stove-top steamed. I made homemade re-fried beans using a can of Goya black beans with a tbsp of butter and 2 tsp of flour to make it thick.


BTW this is my own personal recipe that I made up using bits and pieces of other peoples recipe, souped it up to my liking! I hope you enjoy it. (:

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Halfway There!

FINALLY, I have finally finished half of the classes that I need to graduate! I feel so accomplished and motivated to continue my hard work so I can finish getting this diploma before Christmas (my personal due date). According to my transcript, I just need a half credit of English 3, a half credit of Liberal Arts Math, a half credit of Algebra 2, and a whole credit of Art Appreciation or any other elective. I chose Art appreciation because it sounds easy, I love art, and I’m not trying to make this difficult, I’m just trying to hurry up and graduate. I created a timeline document in Microsoft Excel to help me determine when I could expect to finish based on how many assignments I needed to do and how often I did them. I concluded that if I stay consistent with completing at least 10 assignments each week, I will be finished before Christmas! The feeling I have about getting my diploma is indescribable, especially because of everything that I’ve encountered in my young life and the situation as to why I did not graduate on time, which is very personal and prefer not to publicize. This has to be one of my greatest accomplishments so far in my life, and will continue to have accomplishments likewise to be proud of because I have BIG plans for my future.

Next after my diploma: Get a Federal Student Loan so I can attend college. I’m debating whether I want to do cosmetology right away, which I absolutely love and would have so much fun doing (and it would not take me more than a year to finish), or going ahead and getting a start on my graphic design degree. I have plenty of time between now and then to contemplate what I really want to do and what would be in my and my daughter’s best interest to do at that time. But again, I’m just brainstorming my options. I will get more detailed about it when I finish getting my diploma. I don’t want to overwhelm myself, and I need to focus on one task at a time because it is very easy for me to get side-tracked.

On another note, I was able to revive my garlic plants that (I thought) got demolished under the rocks that were thrown on them a few days ago. I moved the rocks out of the way and was able to find two that were buried; while one was successfully growing through the rocks and one was not growing at all. I talked to the plants that seemed a little withered because I know that plants are living cells that respond to us humans. So I talked to them to nurse them back to health and gave them water, so hopefully they will come back to life.

I’m really enjoying writing about my ideas, goals, and daily activities on a regular basis! This blogging has given me a new hobby and has helped me improve my writing skills as well as my vocabulary, which is helpful to me in many ways. I can apply this to my school, my work, and even in everyday life communicating with other people. I need to develop new writing skills anyways because ever since I have been out of school, I have not been doing so much reading and writing, which is a shame because I think it is very important to read and write, even outside of school. I can’t wait to bring my daughter into the world so I can teach her how to do all the amazing things that I know how to do that will help her in her future.

The next upcoming Holiday of the season is probably everybody’s favorite, Thanksgiving. I don’t really have any plans set in stone other than the traditional Turkey lunch and dinner. However, I might just do something a little different this year. I’m thinking about starting some kind of artsy project because I absolutely LOVE anything that has to do with art, drawing, writing, etc. I’m thinking of either starting a scrapbook for all the millions of pictures I have with no where to put them and the millions more to come, or making hair accessories for me and my little one; and maybe even other girls so I can make a little bit of money on the side. I’m not exactly sure yet, but I’m very excited about starting a project that will keep me occupied on days like this when I have nothing better to do.

I hope everybody has an amazing week and I will conclude this post with an inspirational quote. (:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu

Pregnancy Post #3 – 21 Weeks & 4 Days

  • So I finally created my baby registry! I downloaded this pregnancy tracker application on my phone and it’s the neatest thing. It tells me all kinds of useful information about my baby week by week, it includes pictures and videos, and it has a check list of things for me to do to get ready for the baby as my pregnancy progresses. This week it told me to create a baby registry, so I did. I found the PERFECT website for it too, You can make a baby registry which includes a universal registry so that you can add items from other websites. It’s absolutely perfect, because then I don’t have to stick with items from just “one” store.
  • We also picked the perfect name, although it’s subject to change at anytime until she’s born: Natalia Chalreo Vila. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed that my daughter would be named Natalie because for whatever strange reason, it has just always been my favorite name. Jacob tells me the more he says it, the more he loves it. Since baby girl is going to be 1/8 Cuban and 1/4 Brazilian, I suggested we pick a name that can be pronounced in all countries. I also wanted something that would confirm her nationality, since she will be born a Brazilian citizen thanks to me. My mother and I are going to take a trip to Miami sometime after the baby is born so we can all get our Brazilian passports renewed and also register the baby for one.
  • I have an upcoming appointment this Thursday that Jacob and I are looking forward to. We look forward to all the appointments actually! We plan on going baby shopping and a little early Christmas shopping. He’ll probably throw in a couple surprises in their too; he always does. I am very excited for this weekend!
  • I am almost halfway through with completing my credits needed to graduate high school. I know, I know: I’m still in high school. Unfortunately I dropped out right before I graduated. But I am going to take advantage of all this free time and finish it so that I can go straight to college after this baby is born. My goal is to get my diploma before my birthday on January 27, and according to my progress, it looks like I’m going to meet that goal (as long as I keep up my work). I have about 2.5 credits to finish and then I will finally be able to get my diploma! I feel very fortunate that I ca still get my diploma even though I’m almost 20 years old, and I feel like I have not given up on my dreams, which makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, and I love that feeling. (:
  • As for my garlic plants, a couple of them are not doing so well. I think I’m going to give it about a week and if I don’t see any improvement, I’m just going to yank them out and just focus on the ones that are growing. My mother bought gravel to throw on the ground in the front yard and had her boyfriend spread it for her. However, he spread it over four of my plants..of which three out of four were doing very good. I was a little upset, but not too much because I still have some in the backyard. But this kind of ruined my experiment because I was trying to figure out where the plants grew better. It’s okay though because I can always try again in the spring, which is exactly what I plan on doing.
  • I want to make a video sometime this week regarding my make-up obsession. I would LOVE the opportunity to show girls how to do their make-up because all my friends tell me how good mine looks on a daily basis and ask me to do theirs for them all the time. I want to introduce my talents to the world because I plan on taking them further and possibly making a career out of it. Not for the money, okay a little bit for the money, but mostly for the love of it. I will definitely blog about it and post the video for everybody to see.

Pregnancy Post #2 – 21 Weeks

So there are many exciting events that have happened since the last time I’ve blogged! I really need to discipline myself to develop a routine for this whole “blogging” thing.

  • Tuesday, 10/30/12 – I definitely felt the baby moving inside me on this afternoon. There was some strange activity going on in my stomach, so I curiously put my hands there. Next thing you know, BOOM! I feel the baby kick or punch right where I put my right hand. It was so incredible, it sent love throughout my entire being. I ran to my mom’s room to tell her about it I was so excited! She was so happy to hear that I felt the baby move for the first time. She told me that she remembered when she was pregnant and felt me kick her for the first time. It was such a special moment, one I’ll remember forever. ❤
  • Wednesday, 10/31/12 – Happy Halloween! My plans for this evening consisted of watching scary movies, eating pumpkin pie with my mother and enjoying the beautiful weather. I didn’t really feel the need to do anything this Halloween because one, I’m pregnant; two, I’m broke; and three, I’m all the way in Lake City, Florida, the middle of almost no where (although I like that aspect about this place), and there’s no kids around here to trick-or-treat anyway! So this momma stayed home for this Holiday.This has to be my favorite time of year simply because I enjoy the cold much more than the hot (It’s easier to keep yourself warm than it is to keep yourself cool in my opinion), your make-up stays on your face, your hair stays perfectly straight and blows delightfully in the wind (this makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe), coffee tastes better when it’s cold outside, and it’s the time for wearing cute scarves and hats, big over-sized jackets and hoodies, and my favorite, boots. Boots, leggings, a coat, and a scarf is my ideal outfit (for someone who lives in Florida cold of course). This morning, I was awaken by those now familiar movements in my belly. What a joy to wake up to something like that. It put the biggest smile on my face! I felt like the baby was telling me “Good morning. Wake up mommy!” And then I told it “Good morning. You are an early bird aren’t you?!” lol. It was the cutest most memorable morning I ever had. The kicks and punches occurred often throughout the day and it just made me so happy. I absolutely love being a mom already, and I’m so in love with somebody that I haven’t met yet.
  • Thursday, 11/1/12 – Today was my 2nd ultrasound appointment. I made the appointment in Jacksonville so that Jacob could be there. We were beyond excited for this appointment and he had a bunch of things planned for me and him while I stayed with him for the weekend. The appointment was at 3:30 and ALL of our friends on Facebook has been waiting to find out what we are having. Although I wasn’t thinking too much about what I wanted it to be just so that I wouldn’t be disappointed, deep down from the very first day we found out I was pregnant, I, scratch that, We wanted/prayed/hoped for a baby girl.At the very end of the appointment, we finally find out what the gender is.
    Daddy teared up he was so happy! It was the sweetest thing I ever saw. We were holding hands both overfilled with joy and happiness. He was recording the ultrasound the whole time on my phone because we didn’t bring a DVD disk for the OB to record on, but we still got the video of the ultrasound.

    Ultrasound #2

  • We both posted our status’ on Facebook and by the end of the day, I felt like celebrity. My post had a total of 75 likes! I have never had that many people like anything of mine, EVER! I was happy to see that everybody was happy for us. I’m sure the status was so popular partially because everyone I know has had/is going to have a boy. So for my friends to see that I’m having a girl was very exciting for them all. Especially because I am the biggest girly girl in the whole world, so it was ideal for me to have a girl!
  • Friday, 11/2/12 – Last night, Jacob took me out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant: Ole. Today, he bought me lunch and a Starbucks frappe, and then we went walking at the Town Center to shop for the baby’s first out when she comes home. It took us till the very last store we walked in to find the perfect outfit, but luckily we found it. It was a $16 four-piece set from the Carter’s baby store. It came with a teddy bear hat, a short-sleeve onesie, a long-sleeve onesie with footies, and pink leggings with teddy bear footies. It was the perfect buy because we could choose which outfit depending on the weather. The due-date is in late March so we don’t know if it’s still going to be cold or not, so we got both just in case.
  • Monday, 11/5/12 – I came back home to Lake City last night, and this morning, I woke up relatively early and decided to go outside and check on the garlic I grew last week. I was surprised to see that a few of them had already sprouted out of the ground! I was so happy that my plants were growing, so I ran to get the watering can and filled it up so I could water the garlic since I had been gone all weekend. I only water them .5 in. of water twice a week (if it doesn’t rain) because I read about how often to water your garlic. I started making my personal “weekly garlic growing log” to track how good or bad my garlic grows so I can experiment to figure out what’s the best way to grow, what not to do next time, etc. Then, I recreated it in Microsoft Excel so that it was neater or legible. I don’t want to make mistakes and have to cross things out and I don’t like to write in pencil.The tallest garlic stem grew to 3.25 in. in a week! So I can not wait to see the progress of my plants and I’m going to start taking pictures of the growth to add to my log.So that’s about everything that happened in the last week that is worth writing about since the last time I blogged. I plan to blog about my new hobby: nail art. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of different girls painting their nails the way the professionals do in the salon, only at your house. Also Ive already starting buying the tools I need for the nail art so once I start using them, I’ll blog about it. I also want to add make-up to this nail art blog since it all has to do with beauty. I bought a bunch of new eyeshadow palettes that I want to try out and take pictures of to show everybody (Eventually I want to have enough pictures to build my portfolio for cosmetic school). Shoot, I might even have make a tutorial video for this one. So there are a bunch of plans for the next week. Soon I’m also going to start making my own bows and hair accessories for myself and my daughter! This will probably be my favorite project! (:

My First Vegetable Plant!


Although procrastination seems to get the best of me, I have finally made the time to plant my very first vegetable: garlic! I have been reading about garlic and studying how to grow it, so now that I have started my own garlic plants, my mother and I will expect some delicious alliums by spring of next year. I am so proud of myself for doing this because I have never planted anything in my entire life, so I am very much looking forward to see how they turn out.

Sometime tonight, I’m going to create some kind of agenda for my plants: to see how much they are going to grow, what grows best where, how long it takes to grow, and learn better ways of growing it next time. I’ve planted five cloves in my backyard and four in my front yard (there were only 9 cloves in the bulb), and I’m going to record the progress so that I can make my own notations about how they grow. I learned that 1 clove alone can create an entire bulb that produces up to 20 cloves, therefore are self-sustaining. So in addition to having all natural seasonings for our food, we never have to buy garlic again!
My mom loves that the most because it saves her money! (;

It takes approximately a year, more or less, to successfully grow garlic and you can’t grow it in the same place that you grew it last year, according to the readings of experienced gardeners. You are supposed to “rotate your crops”, which doesn’t make that much sense to me yet, but I am going to look into it.

In the mere future, I’m also going to plant a orange tree and cilantro, because my mother and I use cilantro in almost everything we cook and the oranges will give us free orange juice for the rest of our lives. I love the sound of that! As you can see, I have big plans to be outside growing food. There are many benefits to doing this: it gives me something to do every day (watch, maintain and feed the plants), It is self-sufficient, we don’t have to depend on grocery stores for food because we will grow our own, and if I decide to extend the garden, I can grow enough food to sell to the entire neighborhood! I might be getting a little carried away, I just want to be able to eat good natural food for free, lol. Also, I don’t want to start more than I can care for because I am a beginner and this is not the only project that will be consuming my time. So I want to make sure that I can give as much attention to my plants as I need/can.

I will let everybody know about the progress of my newly planted vegetables and post pictures of the growth.
I’m way to excited about this!