My First Mother’s Day

102Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mom’s out there! But especially to my mom because I wouldn’t be who I am today without her ♥
096This is my very first Mother’s Day and I must say it was nothing short of amazing. I woke up to a bunch of mothers day wishes from several of my facebook friends. Jacob completely surprised my mom and I by coming to our house in Lake City all the way from Jacksonville with flowers and cards for each of us. I was so happy to see him and to get the biggest bouquet of flowers EVER in my life! IMG_20130512_135333He gave my mom beautiful peach tulips that open during the day and close at night. We got dressed up a little bit and took some picture. My mom made a delicious shrimp sauce over white rice for our special dinner and I made cream cheese pull apart monkey bread or dessert. Also, we finally opened Jacobs beer cake and had a couple drinks. It was the first alcoholic beverage I’ve had in over a year which I’m proud to say, so a couple is all I needed. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to spend my first mother’s day. Especially because I didn’t expect anything on this holiday.


Excuse the “ghetto” baking dish. I had to improvise. (:

IMG_20130512_210702_319 IMG_20130512_213325_019 IMG_20130512_213938_412 IMG_20130512_222257_464


It’s The Little Things.


Mommy Loves You Baby Girl :*

Being a mom is an indescribable feeling. I enjoy every single little thing about it. Most people would say that it gets tiring and aggravating, but I have yet to feel that way, honestly. My daughter amazes me every second of the day. Fortunately being a stay-at-home mom means that I don’t miss any part of her growing up, especially during this time when she is growing so quickly. It’s as if she’s growing right before my eyes! I notice progress every day, it’s incredible.


Zebra Baby (:

Being a young mom (I’m 20 years old) is another stereotype that I “fall under” which I’m not at all ashamed of it. As a matter of fact, I prefer being a young mom versus an older mom because I can grow with my daughter as well as being able to do things with her while we’re both young. I love the fact that I ALWAYS have somebody to go somewhere with. I enjoy the fact that being a mom is a job that I love without being paid, I love that being on call 24/7 gives me something to do since I hate the feeling of not having anything to do, and I love the fact that I am so lucky to have a good baby that gives me opportunities not to have to do anything.


I Love Mommy ♥

The littlest things she does helps me discover her unique personality every day. Things like her falling into a dead sleep when she’s laying on me. I can go walking around, talking loud, going here going there, she won’t wake up. But as soon as I put her down, no more than 3 minutes later she starts crying realizing that I’m not there anymore. As soon as I pick her up, she stops and falls right back asleep. Is that not the cutest thing ever? It fills me with love.


Her Face?! Too Cute!

She’ll probably love pedicures, or getting foot massages because she LOVES when you play with her feet. It calms her down almost every time she fusses.

I have rarely heard stories of babies who don’t cry during bath time, but Natalia doesn’t. She loves bath time and the feeling of her body being massaged with warm water and getting clean. I wash her head full of hair real good which she appreciates I’m sure.


My Little Ray of Sunshine ❤

She will probably be a morning person because she’s always in such a good mood when she wakes up, and usually “cranky” or fussy at night if I wait too long to put her to bed. Early riser, early sleeper; opposite of me.


Waiting for the Doctor.

She’s starting to turn her head to follow me wherever I go. I even read in an article sent to my email about baby stages for her age (which is 1 month and 10 days old today) that she will start recognizing people, sounds, and environments. I have been noticing that Natalia seems to know who her grandma is, and where her changing table is, and things like that. I imagine that she’s thinking “This is where she changes my diaper. Yay, Thanks mom!”, lol. She knows when it’s time to get changed because she’ll cry, and if she has a dirty diaper, I lay her down and start messing with her diaper and the crying stops. She used to cry all the way until you were entirely done, all the way to you snapping the last side. 😀


My Cutie Pie ❤


Natalia @ The Doctor’s

She’s very sensitive. Every little thing bothers her, from her clothes being uncomfortable, her seat being too hot or cold, her mouth is wet, when she has the littlest bit of poop in her diaper, every little thing. She’ll probably be a neat freak or perhaps a perfectionist like her mother. (;

She gets bored easily, which means she’ll probably be a busy body, not lazy thank God! She gets tired of being in one room too long and enjoys walking around (or being carried around) so she can look at different things. I feel like this will make her a curious person, someone who wants to learn new things. She seems to enjoy it when I go outside with her. I think the fresh air, sunlight and the company of animals makes her calm and happy. It’s adorable.


At the Dr.’s Matching. (:

What’s even more adorable is that my 3 little dogs seem to know that she’s a baby, that she’s my baby. Shoot, they knew when I was pregnant, they could feel it. I could tell. They acted different. I remember them sniffing my belly as if they knew there was a little being in there. When I brought the baby home the dogs were so curious to see her and sniff her. I let them sniff her little foot and it was as if they knew she was my baby and accepted her right away. It was interesting to see the dogs and the way they reacted. Even the youngest of them, Bandit, acts like her big brother. When she cries, her runs to where the cry is coming from, barks, then runs back to us and barks again as if saying “Hey, hey! The baby’s crying!”. It’s the funniest, cutest little thing.


My Everything ♥

I love it when she’s feeding, and she has her hands holding me and closing and opening her fingers over and over again. It tickles sometimes, but it’s such an amazing feeling to feel those tiny little hands that I made kneading on me like a kitten nursing on their mommy. Sometimes I’ll look away, and when I look back down at her I catch her staring at me. It’s a very touching experience, I love it so much.


Her First Bath.

Every little detail of everything about her fills my entire body with love. Even things like her crying and her poop. She cries like a little lamb and says “mmbaaaaaaaaaa!” and I can’t help but think how adorable she sounds. Her poop is nasty, but then she acts so cool and cute about getting changed that I forget all about how nasty it is. Even her farts and burps are cute! They’re so loud she makes me think there’s another adult in the room with us, lol! That little girl is so funny she could be a comedian already. 😀


We matched. (:

The way Natalia stares at me while I do my hair, or put on my makeup is another thing she does that melts my heart. I can already tell she’s going to love hair and makeup just like me. ❤

All the little things she does and the things I notice make me enjoy being a mom so much more. I even told my mom last night that I loved being a mom. She told me that I loved it more than she did, and that made me feel good, or more confident that I was a good mom because my mom was a wonderful mother to me and my sister. (:

I ordered a bunch of pictures of her and of me when I was pregnant to start scrap booking and decorating the baby book.


Left: Buddy, Right: Bandit

By the way, my apologies for the slack on blogging. I have been very busy enjoying every minute of Natalia’s life and getting things organized that I haven’t found the time to write any posts. But that will change. I plan to get back to my crafts that I want to finish, scrap booking, and getting things ready for college that I’m going to start this year in August. But that’s for another post later on. (:

One more thing, one of my very good friends Ashley took some professional photos of my little family which will be posted later on as well. Here’s a sneak peek to see what you have to look forward to! ♥


My Labor Experience

Well here’s the post everyone’s been waiting for. I’m going to start from the very beginning:

At 41 weeks, Jacob and I started doing everything, literally EVERYTHING, to induce my labor. From eating spicy food, going on bumpy rides every single day, walking until my feet felt like they would fall off (BTW I didn’t swell during my entire pregnancy because I drank plenty of water), doing the dirty, acupressure, massages, bananas, yoga, stripping my membranes (twice!), whatever you can think of, we did it, and NOTHING WORKED. So my conclusion on inducing labor based on my personal experience is that nothing can induce labor, your baby comes whenever he/she decides to come.

I was scheduled to be induced Monday morning, and as much as I was opting not to be induced, I was going to let them because one, it would be safer for the baby not to exceed 42 weeks in utero, and two I would be more than ready at that point for Natalia to be here. Fortunately my water finally broke the Friday afternoon prior to my induction date. At first I wasn’t sure if it broke or not, so I asked my mom what it felt like. She said it feels like you’re uncontrollably peeing on yourself. Soon after that, about 15 minutes, I was confirmed of my water breaking because liquid started pouring out, lol. I didn’t call the Doctor nor did I go to the hospital. I waited until I started having contractions 5-10 apart for an hour like my doctors instructed, which didn’t happen until 18 hours later. Bad idea for me to not go in right away because of the risk of infection, but how was I supposed to know? This is my first time having a baby, and BOTH of my GYN’s told me not to come in until I started having contractions. There was no mention of my water breaking. And since I’m totally healthy, I didn’t think there was any reason for me or my baby to develop an “infection”. According to what I researched, the vaginal exams are what cause infections in the first place, which makes complete sense to me.

So the next morning around 6am I started having mild contractions, then they increased in pain and decreased in time apart, so by 8 am Jacob and I were on our way to the hospital. When we got there the nurses asked me if my water broke & I told them yes it did, yesterday afternoon. They all looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I waited so long to come in. I told them that I didn’t feel the need to come in because everything seemed fine and that my Doctor told me not to come in until I was having contractions, so I was simply following instructions. Well, when they started my IV they told me they were going to start me on antibiotics. In shock I asked “for what?” And the nurse said “the GBS that you’re positive for”. I was in total disbelief and said “excuse me, but what in the world are you talking about?” She explained to me that I was positive for Group B Strep, (the test they give you when you’re 36 weeks) and that the baby has been swimming in infected amniotic fluid for the entire time since my water broke. GBS (Group B Strep) is a bacteria that is carried by both men and women, that does not affect adults but can be very harmful for unborn babies, which is why pregnant women ate tested for it at 36 weeks. Men will never know if they have it or not because they will never be tested for it since they obviously can’t get pregnant. Well when I took the test, nothing was ever mentioned about it after that, so I assumed I was negative. I would expect a Doctor to tell you the results of your tests, ESPECIALLY if you’re positive for it, don’t you?! So yeah, I was carrying this infection and had no idea about it. I was infuriated by this new found information because now my baby is at risk. If I would’ve known about this infection, I would’ve been at the hospital the day before when my water broke.

Anyways, once your water breaks you have 24 hours to get the baby out or it can become something serious. So I had 6 hours to deliver my daughter and I was only 2 cm dilated (and have been for two weeks!). They started me on pitocin right away. 2 hours later they checked my cervix to find that I was still only 2 cm dilated, so a c-section was the final decision. At first I wanted to cry because I felt cheated out of my wanting for a natural delivery since I was never informed about this infection that could be potentially fatal to my unborn daughter. I also was not so phsyched about having such a dramatic surgery, especially since I’ve never had surgery of any kind. I asked the nurses if they had c-sections and even asked if I could see their scars because I also wasn’t very excited about having such a large scar on my belly. One of the young nurses showed me not her scar because it was so low, but pulled her shirt up just to show me that the scar was below her panty line. I couldn’t even see it! And she was so skinny you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she had a baby, and she had 2! So that made me feel A LOT better about it. So on we went with the procedure.

They had me fill out all kinds of forms and explained to Jacob and I what would be happening. He had to change into scrubs so he could be there with me while the doctors carried me into the operation room so they could numb me from the waist down. They gave me a spinal anesthetic that literally took 5 seconds to kick in. I felt a rush of a numbing sensation that actually felt really good, lol! I felt very shaky though shortly afterwards which I didn’t like too much. Also, the shot they gave me was a MUCH smaller needle than that of the epidural, which I was very happy about because that was the very reason I had decided I wasn’t going to have an epidural if this would’ve happened naturally.

They cut me open and tugged, pushed and pulled (which I could feel a lot of although it didn’t hurt, it was just a lot of pressure) and then out came the baby, 7lbs. and 14oz. of her. About a minute later I heard her first cry and was in tears at the amazing sound that I had waited 9 long months to hear. Jacob cried with me and we were both very happy. However, because she was infected, they took her from us right away. I got to see her and kiss her cheek before she left and dad asked to see her hair because she was wearing a cap. When they took it off, we were amazed to see a head full of dark hair, just like I dreamed about!

So they took me to the recovery room while we waited to hear from the doctor’s what was going on with Natalia. Now there are a lot of details to what was happening between the surgery and the end, so I’m just going to make the long story short: The doctors were concerned about her breathing patterns. They ran blood tests and white blood cell tests which came back triple the amount of what was normal, meaning that her body was already building white blood cells to fight off whatever infection she had. They were also concerned about some “seizure-like episodes” that she was supposedly having which made the nurses decide to transfer her to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville because they were a small town hospital that did not have all the tools needed to run the tests they wanted her to have. They weren’t sure what she was doing because she’s a  newborn, hence their wanting to run tests just to make sure she was acting normal. I was completely devastated because the doctors made it seem like she was having all these problems, they even mentioned a possibility of meningitis. I cried so hard and asked “what are they going to do to my baby?!” Jacob tried his hardest to keep his composure because I was so upset about everything and then he broke down and started crying with me.

Natalia went through so much in the first days of her life in the outside world. She IV’s since she was born, she had all kinds of tests run on her, she had MRI’s she had her spine tapped, all kinds of bullshit. I know that they were just trying to be on the safe side, but what new mom wants to see her first baby go through all this trauma?! Anyways, in the end Natalia was completely fine. They ran all these tests just to find nothing wrong with her. She just had an infection and the antibiotics they started me on before the surgery killed it just in time. So we went through all this heartache for nothing. It was very crazy. We ended up being in the hospital for 5 days before finally bringing her home.I was in the hospital for 3 days recovering from the surgery. They transferred Natalia on my second day of recovery so I couldn’t even go to the hospital to be with my baby until the next day. Jacob had to drive from Lake City to Jacksonville, back to Lake City to pick me up, back to Jacksonville so we could be at the hospital every day and then finally back to Lake City so we could come home, and then he had to drive back so he could go home, lol! Lots and lots of driving.

At the end of the day, there were a lot of lessons learned from this entire experience. Although it was scary, it was very worth it and I am happy to say that I am a new mom to a very happy and healthy baby girl. According to her pediatrician she eats better than the average baby for her size and is growing at a great rate. She is such a good baby, hardly ever cries unless she needs something. She is always very content and has such a well-developed personality already. She’s definitely mommy and daddy’s little diva girl!

I also would like to mention that my perspective about c-sections have dramatically changed since I underwent the surgery. I actually prefer to have the c-section because I didn’t have to feel any pain WHATSOEVER, everything went by so quick it was unbelievable. The entire procedure took a total of 55 minutes. No contractions, no pain, GREAT pain meds during and afterwards lol, and my little girls head did not get squished and my vagina didn’t rip! The scar is barely noticeable, looks like a pen line just below my bikini line and nobody will ever be able to see it unless I show them, which means I can still wear my bikini this summer! Best of all, this entire event brought me and Jacob closer together and he loves me more now than ever before since having to be there with me and watching me go through all of this craziness. I definitely want to share my story because I think it’s well worth mentioning to people. Always prepare for the worst because you never know what’s going to happen, and always be optimistic about negative things that you have no control over because they are not always as bad as they seem.

Today my baby girl is 2 weeks and 3 days old and she is making the cutest “ooh” and “ahh” sounds, she picks her head up all by herself to look around because she wants to see everything, she will NOT fall asleep without being held, so she’s already spoiled, lol! (Thanks Jacob!)

One more thing I want to add before I conclude my super long birth story; because Natalia was taken from me right from the beginning, we didn’t get to experience the first bonding of mother and baby to establish breastfeeding, which is essential! And I am completely against giving my baby formula for several reasons. One because I’m pro-natural, two because I don’t feel that formula gives babies everything they need like breast milk does, three because of all the side effects that come from formula fed babies that I’ve researched, such as being more prone to obesity and becoming sick with diseases, and four because although the formula feeds the baby for longer periods of time (formula fed babies eat 6-10 times a day vs. breastfed babies eat 8-12 times a day) which means the formula “sits” in their stomachs and that just reminds me of McDonald’s food which is totally gross in my opinion. I already decided I wanted to breastfeed exclusively. Well since I didn’t get to breastfeed for the first week, I didn’t establish a good milk supply, so I couldn’t produce enough milk to feed my baby. Not only that but the doctors shoved bottles and pacifiers in my newborn baby’s mouth which pissed me the **** off! If they needed to syringe feed her then okay, but I was not about the pacifiers or bottles because of nipple confusion. So Natalia had a difficult time latching on for the first week and a half of our being together. It was making me sore and I was to the point where I was about to just give up all together. But then I decided “screw that!” I’m not going to give up because I WANT this for my baby, so I’m going to MAKE SURE it happens, no matter what it takes. If I have to breastfeed her every half hour then so be it. I consulted with a lactation specialist who was so inspired by my determination and told me that that’s what it takes, you have to really want to breastfeed for it to work out, which is what I truly want, exclusively. I only will use formula if I have to supplement, but otherwise I want to strictly breastfeed my baby mostly because it’s the healthiest for her, but also because it does establish a bonding relationship with you and your baby that just feels like pure love, and I want that with me and Natalia. So I have a $700 hospital grade breast pump that I’m using FOR FREE for a week-2 weeks just because my lactation specialist wants to help me because she sees how bad I want this. Unfortunately Natalia and I had a rough start, but now that things are back to normal we are going to work this out to both of our benefits. My advice to anybody else out there with this problem is to never give up on the things that you truly want. I am proud to say that Natalia has gotten MUCH better about latching on (although she still needs some improvement) and I am finally being able to produce enough milk to catch up with her needs. (:

Bringing Natalia Home <3

Bringing Natalia Home ❤

Natalia & I Now (:

Natalia & I Now (:

Natalia is Finally Here! ♥

IMG_20130330_152142♥ Natalia Ivette Chalreo Vila ♥ 1:12pm ♥ March 30, 2013 ♥ 7lbs.14oz. ♥
Shands Lake Shore Hospital of Lake City

Our beautiful baby girl was born yesterday! My water broke the day before at 2pm and I did not go to the hospital until 8am yesterday morning. When we got to the hospital I was already contracting 10 minutes apart for an hour, which is when my nurse told me to head to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, the nurses asked me if my water broke and I told them yes it had, yesterday at 2pm ad they were all in complete shock because they said I should’ve came in as soon as my water broke. Little did I know, because my instructions were to come in when I started having contractions. Since my water broke at 2 pm the day before, I had to have the baby out of me within 24 hours, and it was already 9:00am, giving me until 2 pm that day to deliver Natalia. They started me on pitocin right away to go ahead and have me dilating because when I had my vaginal exam, I was only dilated 2 cm. My delivering doctor wanted me to start labor on my own since I was already contracting. A couple hours later they checked my cervix again and I was still only 2 cm dilated. So I had 2 hours to dilate 8 cm. which obviously wasn’t going to happen, especially this being my first baby. So a cesarean was in order. I was very upset to have to go the c-section route because I really did not want to have this major abdominal surgery and be left with a terrible scar, but we needed to do what was best for the baby because she could be at risk for infection with my water being broken for almost 24 hours.

We had the c-section where she was born at 1:12 pm yesterday afternoon. The procedure took a total of 55 minutes, I didn’t have to go through the pain because they numbed me from the top of my waist down, there were nothing but positive outcomes really! The only bad part about the whole procedure was the scar and the recovery, HOWEVER the scar is not even bad, it’s so low nobody will ever be able to see it unless I show it to them, even when wearing a bikini, and the recovery isn’t taking anywhere near as long as I expected because it’s already been almost 30 hours and I’m already walking around fine, squatting (slowly) taking showers, cleaning, doing everything really but taking it easy as the doctor instructed. I expect to be completely normal in a week. (:

The baby and I haven’t been discharged from he hospital yet but I am very anxious to bring her home to sleep in her beautiful room that I decorated so nice for her. I’m am so excited to have her home with my little family and am extremely happy that she is finally here! I am the happiest woman in the whole world. Motherhood is an indescribable feeling and I LOVE being a new mom to such a perfect little angel. She truly is my heart and soul. I gave her life and she gave me a reason to live .<3


Pregnancy Post #21 – 40 Weeks

2013-03-18_16-45-05_606 2013-03-18_16-46-33_407

*40 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant Today
*150 Pounds – 40 Gained Since Pre-Pregnancy (stayed the same, thank God!)

Well I’m 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant today and STILL NO BABY! Lol, but it’s okay. I’m totally fine with letting her come on her own time when she’s ready, although that could be any day now because I’m really looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again, and turning over in bed without struggle, and bending over, and less frequent bathroom breaks…

I feel like she will be here at any moment because the pain in my ribs that I felt last week, which turned out to be from the positioning of the baby being so far up in me, has subsided tremendously, which makes me assume that she has dropped some more. I am having a lot more discharge these days which is confusing me because I have no idea if I lost my mucus plug already or not. I had to ask my mom “how do you know when your water breaks?” and she replied that I will feel very wet, like I peed myself, but I feel really wet all the time! So I’m confused.

IMG_20130317_205544Monday was her due date, and it was also baby daddy’s birthday. He came all the way to Lake City from Jacksonville just to see me for his birthday (and to induce labor, lol) even though he had to wake up at 5:30 the next morning to go back to Jacksonville for work. I surprised him with an amazing beer cake that I made for him over the weekend, as well as a beautiful handmade card!

I had a doctor appointment this morning that went great. The doctor checked me to see how far dilated I was and the results are *drum roll please* : I’m 2 cm. dilated! Looks like we have some progress! IMG_20130319_124318My doctor thinks she will be here within the week, but she scheduled me to come in on Monday instead of the usual Wednesday because I will be officially 41 weeks on Monday. She wants to do a fetal stress test to make sure the baby is not stressed out which could be the reason for her post due date. At that time we are going to discuss what I want to do about being induced, if that is even the route I want to take.
Jacob is going to come with me to my next appointment since it will be early Monday morning, so he’s going to come spend the weekend with me. (:

I’m overdue in my pregnancy and still get countless compliments on how great I look, which gives me the best feeling in the world. I love that people can see my happiness through the way I present myself and that my body didn’t turn into a big lump of fat in the process! I really CANNOT wait for her to be here. My impatience will be the death of me, lol.

2013-03-20_11-04-55_187 2013-03-20_11-06-10_411

Pregnancy Post # 19 – 38 Weeks

37 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant Photo

37 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant Photo – Please excuse the dirty mirror.

*38 Weeks & 2 Days Today!
*147 Pounds :  37 Gained Since Pre-Pregnancy

I had my weekly Doctor’s Appointment today and was happy to find out that I am already 1cm. dilated! Which means I’m 1cm. closer to seeing my precious baby girl. This appointment was very short, I was in an out in about a half an hour and am scheduled to come in again next week for another pelvic exam to see Natalia’s progress.

Nervous WreckI also was scheduled for my biweekly Pregnancy Care Class appointment today, so I went there straight from my Doctor’s appointment. I learned a lot of need-to-know information about caring for your newborn. I relearned some things that I already knew, and learned new information that I’m thankful to know now! Also, a nursing student who is studying for her bachelors degree was there today and we spent about an hour and a half talking about baby care, birth and labor, and how to deal with your crying baby. She was 32 weeks pregnant with twin girls! So it was very interesting to have a talk with her. She also already had one daughter, so I asked her all about her labor experience, because now that I’m getting closer to the due date, I’m getting a little nervous about how I’m going to go through this. Her personal experience definitely helped ease my worries about giving birth, but even more so the after-birth. I am not looking forward to the breast pain that I’m going to experience when I get “engorged”, actually I might be even more nervous about that than the labor itself, lol!


My Super Cute Diaper Bag! (:

So I asked her all about that and she gave me a few good tips on how to deal with it. I feel very good to be able to talk to other mothers who have gone through what I am about to go through. It helps me to feel more confident about giving birth and caring for my baby. Also, I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but this care class that I attend gives you paper money for every appointment, which you can use to purchase things in their resource room. I’ve accumulated enough to buy an entire bassinet, which I’m going to get for my baby daddy since he doesn’t have anything for the baby to sleep in yet. I figured I could help him save that money and then he can spend it on me! ;D

2013-03-05_15-03-32_308Yesterday my adorable pink and zebra diaper bag, electrical breast pump and Natalia’s zebra print light switch plate finally came in the mail. I am totally in love with the diaper bag! It’s HUGE so it will carry everything I need, not to mention how stylish it is. It looks exactly like it did in the picture, so I am very satisfied with my (actually daddy’s) purchase. I am now waiting for the storage bins, the electrical outlet covers, the hair bows and hair bow organizer, the zebra print picture frames, the wall pops, hamper, and zebra baby shoes to come in and then that will be everything I need to complete the nursery. 2013-03-05_15-19-36_590I’m still trying to find things I can get to decorate the dresser, although I don’t want to clutter it because I have pink rhinestone scatters all over it. Besides, it’s not like her bedroom is going to have an audience anyways. Once the room is finally finished I’m going to make a tour video of it because the room is small and it’s kind of hard to take pictures of every little detail. So I’m just going to make a video showing everything off! By that time, Natalia will be born, so she’s going to be in her first video as well! (:

Baby daddy and I have been getting along very well since we spent the weekend together a couple weeks ago in Gainesville. In fact, when the baby is born he is going to take a whole week off of work to stay with me and the baby at my mom’s house. He wants to be around the baby for the first week of her being born so that she recognizes who her daddy is. He also wants to help me keep up with things around the house and make sure I get plenty of rest because he knows I will be feeling very tired post-pregnancy. 2013-03-05_15-03-42_591I am very appreciative of the way that he is behaving towards me and am surprised but happy about his attitude towards the baby and taking care of us once she gets here. We are going to continue living in separate households until he gets a house, which should be no later than the end of this year. He is being extremely sweet and helpful to me, getting me everything I need for the myself and the baby, offering to clean and cook for me in the first week of my being home after labor, and taking me out so that I’m not cooped up in the house all day. I really am enjoying the new and improved him and I’m happy to say that he has definitely exceeded my expectations.

IMG_20130304_010358This weekend we have plans to take professional maternity pictures. His uncle, who is a professional photographer, will be shooting a set of photos, and one of my good friends has asked me to be her maternity model for her portfolio. I proudly accepted her request and am going on a shopping spree this Friday with baby daddy to buy outfits for the shoot. So I have a busy weekend ahead of me that I am looking forward to!

After my eventful weekend, I am not planning to go out at all anymore unless absolutely necessary. I feel the need to be at home saving my energy for labor as I get closer to the due date.

EPIDURAL-PARTOAs far as my body and emotions, I am trying my best to remain calm as time passes by what seems like very quickly! I am extremely anxious and a little nervous about giving birth, especially because I have been feeling very strong Braxton hicks contractions. I can feel the baby moving inside of me near my upper thighs and it is so intense that it literally makes me want to just fall to the ground. I was fully aware that the contractions would get stronger and happen more frequently as I got bigger, but I had no idea that they would be SO uncomfortable! Sometimes, it paralyzes me and makes me not want to move at all for like 5 minutes straight. I’m getting more convinced that I might be getting an epidural, but I’m going to try my hardest to be a soldier and stick out the pain as long as I can. I will only settle for an epidural if the pain is ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE and has me in tears, because I saw a video demonstrating a doctor giving an epidural and I do NOT want that big ass hollow needle going into my back! Especially when there are rumors that half the time, the epidural only numbs you halfway. But we will see what happens, I am hoping for the best!

imagesI’m going to continue doing my prenatal yoga all the way up until the very end. I read that this also helps induce labor. I am also going to try to refrain from thinking about any negative thoughts about giving birth because I want this to be a happy experience for me, even though I know it will be painful, but only for the periods of contracting and pushing. Once I see my beautiful baby girls face, I will forget all about the pain, and I am looking forward to that moment. ❤

38 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo

38 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo

Natalia’s Nursery Project


The process of painting the walls.

Wall Pops!

Wall Pops!

Here is the project that I have been/will be working on for the next two weeks: Natalia’s nursery. I still have quite a few things to add to complete her bedroom, including decorating and hanging her name on the wall, ordering and hanging the matching curtains, finishing putting the crib together (after I order the bumper that I thought came with the bed set but didn’t!), decorating the dresser and shelves, and organizing her things in the closet and dresser drawers.

Organization Storage Bins.

Organization Storage Bins.

I still want to order a few little things for her room, like a zebra print light switch plate and outlet covers to match everything else in the room, a couple of cute matching picture frames, some zebra fabric bins to organize the changing table, and some wall pops! I already have everything I want in my shopping cart, now I’m just waiting for the money to be there, lol! But Once I finish her bedroom, I’m going to spend the rest of my pregnancy organizing her baby book and making a baby keepsake box. This should keep me plenty busy until Natalia finally arrives!

Zebra Light Switch Plate.

Zebra Light Switch Plate.

I also have to install the car seat and pack my hospital bag sometime between all that, but everything will get done just like it has been. I am very excited about how her room is turning out and I am so proud of myself because I did everything by myself. I moved the furniture, painted the entire room and everything in it, put the crib, changing table and stroller together, and the end result is very rewarding. Natalia is so spoiled already! She has the cutest room and the cutest clothes to match. I will continue to take pictures of everything I do so I can someday show Natalia how hard mommy worked to make everything perfect for her beloved daughter. ❤

Not quite finished yet, but making good progress!!! (:

Not quite finished yet, but making good progress!!! (: