Blogger’s Update

In case any of my followers/readers are wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been busy at home with my newborn Baby girl Natalia. So as you can imagine I’ve been pretty busy adjusting to my new lifestyle, which means I haven’t had much time to Blog as much as I’d like! Well things are finally calming down as my daughter and I are getting to know each other. I’m finally finding time to continue doing the things I love as well as being the best mom I can possibly be. I have some blogs to post from before I had Natalia as well as my birth experience and blogs from afterwards! So tune in to my upcoming posts because they will be well worth the wait ♥♡♥♡♥

Here’s some photos I took so far (:


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FAFSA Filled Out ✓

FAFSAI finally filled out my FAFSA which has been on my to do list for more than a month now; procrastinator! But it’s all good because it’s finally been submitted and should be hearing back from within the week. (:

I’m very excited about finally starting college this year. I plan to start in June, which is exactly when my baby girl with be 3 months old and I will be able to attend night classes for just a few hours to get a start on my career education. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I aspire to major in graphic design. I was going to go for my cosmetology certification because it was so cheap, easy and I would be done in less than a year. However, I feel that the more practical decision for me to make is to go ahead and get started on what will take the longer time period to complete, which would be 2 years of college for an Associates degree in Graphic Design. I am stoked about my career choice because there are so many different opportunities out there for graphic designers. I also have been practicing by computer design skills and have started a portfolio.

I am very fortunate that I will be able to be a stay at home mom, attend college and still receive income by working from home. (I am conjuring up some future plans for this!) I am even more thankful that I have my mom who will be at home to watch the baby while I go to school. Baby daddy will also be in the picture supporting me in my college attendance and helping out with watching and caring for the baby, even though he will not be living with us. This is the start of my new and improved lifestyle that I have dreamed about.


Pregnancy Post #18 – 37 Weeks


37 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Photo

*37 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant Today!
*146 Pounds


Us @ Oaks Mall

Sorry about the slack on the blogging. I’ve just had a very eventful week and weekend, so I haven’t had too much time to squeeze in a blog. But I’m back! So here’s the update. (:

This past weekend, Jacob came to visit me in Lake City so he could spend time with me and the Natalia before she arrives. He was very eager to see how big my belly has gotten since the last time we’ve seen each other. Also he wanted to buy a few items for the baby to help me better prepare for her arrival. Over all I had a wonderful weekend with him. He took me out to eat at several places: Jason’s Deli, Starbucks, Hungry Howie’s, Krispy Kreme, Carraba’s, making sure he satisfied all my cravings.


Jason’s Deli Lunch

Carraba's Dinner

Carraba’s Dinner

He bought Natalia a few outfits, even though she really didn’t need them (lol), a very expensive baby book from Hallmark ($45), my diaper bag along with all the items on my online Amazon shopping cart, some baby hygiene products such as shampoo and body wash, and a couple of things for me as well, like adorable black, glittery flip flops and the cutest flower earrings ever! He was definitely very generous to me and very sweet to me on our very busy and romantic weekend before I have the baby. He made sure I got plenty of exercise as we walked around the big mall of Gainesville and the strip of Downtown as well as plenty of rest in the hotel where we stayed at.

Clothes for Natalia from Daddy

Clothes for Natalia from Daddy

We went on a very nice walk in the downtown area of Gainesville where it reminded me of Old Town St. Augustine. I expressed to him how much In Love I was with the city of Gainesville and told him that that’s where I want to go to college. The college campus there is HUGE and it’s in the center of the entire town across the street from the strip that was lined with all kinds of restaurants, café’s, bars, clubs, consignment shops, everything you can imagine.


My Cute Diaper Bag! (:

Although we spent a lovely weekend together, I still don’t feel like we need to be together. At least not right now. I need to get my life situated and established the way I want it before I can commit to a relationship, as does he. We both have things that we still need to work on, our lifestyles and ourselves, before we can actually “be” together. But regardless of our relationship status, we are both going to continue to be involved in Natalia’s life so that she can have both her parents. I feel that regardless of the parents’ relationship, they should both still have a relationship with the child.

My baby dropped! (:& Props to Prenatal Yoga for that Toned Booty! ;D

My baby dropped! (:
& Props to Prenatal Yoga for that Toned Booty! ;D

I have a very strong feeling that Natalia will be here sooner than the expected due date. I can feel so much more pressure on my pelvic area than ever before. Braxton Hicks contractions are definitely in full range and happening longer, stronger and more frequently. I can feel the baby so low in my stomach, people actually can tell the difference because I carried high my entire pregnancy; she has definitely dropped into position, which was confirmed in the appointment prior to the last. My belly is not so round anymore. It’s more “lumpy” and I can feel her body parts inside of me, which I think is the coolest thing ever. If Natalia was to be here before the 18th I would actually be very happy because then all this built up anticipation would be over with, I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore (Thank God!), and I would finally be able to hold my little girl in my arms. Daddy is very anxious to meet Natalia, probably even more than I am! The waiting period makes us so antsy.

My doctor’s appointment yesterday went pretty good for the most part. Other than waiting an entire hour and a half before I was actually seen, I had an overall good experience. The doctor told me that my blood pressure is absolutely perfect, my urine looks good, which lets me know that the Group B Strep Test that I took at the last appointment was negative. She also felt the baby in my belly and told me that she could feel all the body parts because I’m such a skinny pregnant girl and that the baby is measuring perfect size. I have been getting a lot of compliments lately from random strangers as well as friends about how pretty I am and how cute my belly is, how I have a “pregnancy glow” and it makes me feel so good, especially since I’m a little over two weeks away from having this baby! Prenatal yoga has definitely benefited my body in every way possible, keeping my body fit as it adjusts to the continuing added weight and alleviating the little back pain that I have.

$45 Baby Book from Hallmark

$45 Baby Book from Hallmark

The baby book that Jacob bought ironically fits perfectly in the shoe box that I picked to be Natalia’s baby box. It fits right in, like a glove on a hand. I drew a sketch of how I want to decorate the box and will spend my last two weeks of pregnancy making it. I already bought all the supplies needed to decorate the box. Now I just have to put it all together which I plan on starting this afternoon. This will be my next art project that I blog about.


Supergirl BackPack - Because That is How I will Feel after Giving Birth!

Supergirl BackPack – Because That is How I will Feel after Giving Birth!

I also have my hospital bag packed and ready to go for when I go into labor. I even have a last minute check list hanging right next to the front door so I won’t forget ANYTHING important. I probably over packed, but it is okay because I would rather have more than enough than not enough. And who knows?! This baby could end up being so big that I end up having to need a C-section. So I feel the need to have plans A, B, and C so I can be prepared for anything. I am very anal about preparedness and having back up plans. I like to be ready for anything that may or may not happen! I also plan to leave candy with the nurses who help deliver Natalia as a friendly thank you gift for their support and hard work. I know this gesture will be greatly appreciated.

For the next two and a half weeks, I’m going to spend my time waiting on the rest of the nursery items to come in so I can add the finishing touches to the nursery, I’m going to relax and spend my time crafting to keep my mind busy, and I’m going to be blogging almost every day to keep my emotions and anxiety under control. I have a few craft ideas that I’ve posted about that I want to work on while I wait for Natalia’s arrival. I’m so very excited to meet my baby girl. ❤

Me on my Date Weekend (:

Me on my Date Weekend (:

Hello, Graduate.

I did it, I FINALLY FINISHED; consider this mom-to-be graduated. I’m a year and a half late but hey, graduated is graduated; and it’s a real diploma, NOT a GED as I first intended to get. I finished my most tedious class, Algebra 2 and passed with a 85.75 B, making a 94.93% A on my final exam. I am overly proud of myself, people wouldn’t understand. In my entire “short” life, I have never gone completely through with anything, I’ve never had a sense of accomplishing anything. When I started something, it never got finished. But now, I feel completely different. This accomplishment has made me feel like I can do anything I want. With this diploma, I now have my foot in the door. I can go to any college, any where, to be anything I want. I feel like I am standing in a hallway with a million doors that I can choose from to just walk in. Now that I’ve finished high school, the next step is to apply for a federal grant to help me get into the college I want to go to. I’m not exactly sure which college I want to go to, but I do know that I am not going to live on campus. I need to be at my home, taking care of my baby while I go to school. BTW, I don’t plan on even starting college until 6 months after the baby is born because in those critical months, I need to be available to my little girl at all times. But after 6 months, my butt is going straight to college.

A preview of the horrendous, stressful, tedious math work I had to complete for Algebra 2.

A preview of the horrendous, stressful, tedious math work I had to complete for Algebra 2.

At first, I though I knew what I wanted to do and become as far as career choices, but now I have a completely different outlook about everything. I have always wanted to be some kind of professional artist, ANYTHING to do with art. Although it can be a flaw, I am keen about looks; I love to look my best when going out. So cosmetics, hair, make-up, nails, anything to do with beauty really was my main aspiration. However, now I feel like making a more mature decision by taking full advantage of the grant/loan I will soon receive and go for the big occupation: Graphic Design. I want to design graphics for people because I am very talented in drawing, creating and developing art in advertisement, signs, writing, etc. I think that graphic design will be a better, more professional field for me to get into because one, it’s where the money is, as opposed to cosmetology. Two, the environment is more ideal for the kind of lifestyle I want to live. I don’t think I would like standing over peoples heads for hours and having an unreliable job in a cheap salon at the mall somewhere. I would much rather be working in an office environment where I have my own desk, computer, and cubicle having reliable hours with great benefits versus dealing with all kinds of people (clean and dirty) on a daily basis. In addition, cosmetology is so cheap and it only takes a year to be certified. I could actually pay out of pocket for my cosmetology certificate and just do it on the side as a hobby. I think it would be something that I could continue to do even after I retire. I could go to school to learn business management and run my own salon out of my home! That would be amazing because I’m sure I will love it then just the same as I do now.

I visited the Florida Gateway College last week to speak with a guidance counselor about my next steps to getting into college and to find out what my options are, semester deadlines, financial costs, etc. Unfortunately they had closed early, 30 minutes prior to my getting there, for the holidays. So I just grabbed a bunch of give-away paperwork to bring home with me and read over. I found a list of all the different academic programs and degrees that they offer. They have everything from the cosmetology that I want to do, to Criminal Justice, Nurse Practitioners, Law Enforcement, Childcare Development, Veterinarian, Etc. They have every course imaginable, on top of having a gigantic school campus as I found out last week. After looking at all the opportunities, my interest for school broadened tremendously. All of a sudden I decided that I might want to go learn Early Childhood Education, so that I can have an associates degree in that major and be able to legitimately home-school my little girl, which would be my dream to do. I also grew interest in criminal justice because, I always have been and still am interested in learning about our laws (not necessarily criminal laws, but laws nonetheless). I’m also interested in Business management as I’ve stated previously. I think this is a wonderful thing to be certified in no matter what your occupation is because you will have the ability to manage your own business whatever business that may be. Also, the business management (as well as the cosmetology certificate) is considered an occupational program, a career in one semester. That only means that you will be finished quickly, less than a year to complete, and I’m sure it’s cheap enough to pay out of pocket. So there are many different opportunities for me, and I’m not sure which one I want to take. I thought I had a pretty good idea, until I really started looking into it. Now I feel like I don’t know what I want to do first! But I’m slowly and surely figuring out exactly what I want and once I talk to a school guidance counselor, they will help me with my decision on whats best for my future and what will accommodate the lifestyle I want to have.

Being pregnant is overwhelming enough, so I’m not going to add any more of it to my life by getting overly excited about all this new school stuff. I have plenty of time to figure everything out, and during that time, I will know exactly what I want to do at that point in my life. Then I will have a lead way to my future career that I’ve always dreamed of. I feel so inspired to have so many different options to choose from. I know that once I start college, it will be just another goal that I will eventually accomplish and add to my list. As I’ve been learning from the book I’ve been reading “Ask And It Is Given”, You never get it done. Once you fulfill a desire, a new one sparks in your mind. And that’s perfect, that’s how people, and the world evolve and expand, learning more by developing new thoughts and desires. So that’s what I’m doing, once I accomplish getting something I want, I want something else and then work towards accomplishing that, and so on and so forth. It’s really amazing how everything works out in this universe, and what it brings you when you’re aligned with it. I am so much looking forward to spending the rest of this pregnancy preparing for it, and preparing for college. What a wonderful way for me to start the new year right. I am ready for whatever the future has in store for me and my little one who will be here in March. (: